Words of Encouragement for Exams

Examination period is the most tension filled time in a student’s life. This is the time when students get to reap what they sowed. Before the beginning of exams, it is wise for parents and teachers to encourage the students. Students should always begin a test with a positive mind. Words of Encouragement give hope and tap positive energy in a student’s mind.

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1. Choices have consequences; choose wisely.

2. Exams are not meant to intimidate you, they are meant to push you to succeed

3. Use your time wisely, time wasted will never be recovered.

4. Failing one test is not the end of the world

5. You are a shining star in your life, keep the stars brighter

6. Hard work never goes unrewarded

7. You reap what you sow

8. There is always time for everything

9. Exams will come and go, give them your best ability when they come

CBSE Study Motivation

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Exams are very important to gauge the abilities of the students. They are a testimony to teachers if their hard work is paying or not. Students should be encouraged a lot to ensure that the good results they make everybody proud.

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