5 Effective Stress Busters for College Students

College Life is completely different from school life and due to this, college students feel quite stressful nowadays. Here’s information about some effective stress busters for college students.

Life of a college student is as stressful as it is fun filled. Between homework, extra-curriculars, family, relationships, peer pressure and maintaining a social life they experience a lot of stress. But the problem is not that the youngsters today are under great deal of stress but that, that they fail to realize it. Moreover, they go on to brag about the lack of sleep they experience under tremendous pressure, the biggest signs of stress as if, it something to take pride in. Thus, instead of finding effective solutions to their problem of stress they go on to further aggravate it.

Stress affects not just your academic performance but also your health. There are many diseases that take root in a student’s body just because of unmanageable stress in their lives. Headaches, lack of sleep, lack of focus, stomachaches and many other such problems are the symptoms of rising stress levels in your body.

Stress may have become a part and parcel of our daily lives but that doesn’t mean that it’s un-manageable. Here are some effective stress busters that can be easily adopted by college students to deal with their problem of rising stress levels.

Exercise Regularly

The idea of exercising is some that almost every one runs away from. Well, apart from the select few who happen to be fitness freaks or the ones who are on the sports team. But no matter how much you dislike it, exercising is very good for your health. You need not necessarily join a gym or do yoga if you don’t want to.

Even a 45 min brisk walk once a day is quite helpful in refreshing both your mind and body. Another option is to join a sports team or a sports club in your area.

Listen to music

Another effective manner of dealing with stress is to listen to your favorite music. Music is well known to have deep effect on your emotions and even your body. Not every music is meant for every situation, there are some kind of songs that you like listening to when you are sad and some when you are happy. Which are not likely to change unless something drastic happens.

You relate to different kinds of music in different emotional states. Some songs are very good stress busters but they might differ for different people. Usually fast music makes one feel more attentive, upbeat music more confident while slow tempo music works great to relieve yourself of stress.

Eat Healthy

Our eating habits also affect out stress levels. An increase in the intake of healthy food can do wonders to reduce the stress levels in your body. Experts have always been stated to have said that stress and nutrition are interlinked in many ways.

For example, consider two students facing exactly similar levels of stress but one goes on to take a healthy balanced diet while the other takes to more intake of fast food. They both will experience a difference in their stress levels for one it would reduce remarkably while for the other it will go on to increase.

Reducing intake of excess sugar while increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables also helps reduce stress levels in the body.

Power Sleep

When burdened with too much work to do in too less an amount of time, sleep is the first to be sacrificed by majority of students. Most are of the belief that won’t have any ill effects or serious consequences. Maybe not immediately but in the long run, lack of proper sleep is sure to cause many problems and lead to many diseases in your life.

Sleep is essential human requirement. It helps our brain relax and refresh. Prolonged lack of sleep can also lead to high risk problems such as that of heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes and etc. Whereas having proper sleep makes you more productive, focused and attentive.

Don’t let go of your sense of humor

Laughter is one of the best medicines to fight the demon of stress in your life. Laughing makes your body enter into a relaxed zone as it releases into your system the endorphins that make your feel good. Look around your own self a person who is always smiling and enjoys even the smallest of the moments is always relaxed even in the most challenging and stressful of situations.

Watch some good comedy movies, attend stand-up comedy shows in your town with friends, better try doing standup comedy yourself on open mic nights. You won’t even realize how your mood changes in a positive manner as you share a laugh with a friend.

In Summation

Harboring stress in your mind for long periods of time can harm both your mental and physical health. Stress can sabotage not just your academics but also your dreams and goals in life. But it can all be avoided if you are just a little more careful and learn to deal with stress related problems early on before they take deep root. Take some time to incorporate these stress busters in your life. You will feel more relaxed and balanced.

Tips to Keep Stress at bay!

Life is not just every time you expect it to be. Today, the world has become a global village where everyone is running to pursue his/her dreams, leaving not a second’s time to peep within. Run or lag behind too far, and that fear to be left alone in the darkness of negligence is somehow pushing every human being on this earth to hover waveringly. Sometimes the results are good and some days it feels to just cut off from the hustles of life.

This has created ample room for stress to replace solace, and is now spreading like an epidemic. Every second person on this planet is virtually affected with stress. Stress is inevitable in the zone where people are bound to work under pressure to prove themselves. Are we conditioned to live a life of robot or it’s our own fault that we are overlooking the fundamentals of life for the sake of material gains and appreciations? Whatever the reason is, we need to fight stress or else it will create turbulence in our daily lives!

We are here enlisting some tips that will help you to keep stress at bay:

Plan for the future

It’s absolutely cool to live in the present; however, it’s quite foolish to think only about present. You never know what lies ahead of you or how the coming days are going to treat you. If you remain unplanned for the future, any small unfortunate event can push you deep in the slumber of stress and depression. Therefore, always keep a future plan ready and work according to that in present to stay prepared to face any situation like a pro.

Too many cook spoils a broth

It’s an old saying that fits very well in our cases as well when we try to multitask at the same time. Rather than doing too many works at a time, make sure to prioritize things and focus on the most important thing at first. In this way, you will not get jumbled up and there will be no stress factor to fight.

Be flexible

Don’t try to take everything on your ego as it is going to backfire rather than doing any good to you. There is no harm in letting things go if that’s not going to impact your life in a big way. The biggest problem in our lives comes when we become too adamant and try to hold on to things that are not important. So, make sure to adjust in every situation to stay stress-free forever.

Start Reading and Writing

This is one of the golden ways to keep stress at bay. Whenever you feel stressed, make sure to take a break and start reading about your favorite topic. Even better, if you can start writing about anything that makes you feel happy. This works like a medicine. Try it at times of stress!

Hello! Are you talking?

If you are feeling stressed, don’t keep it to yourself. Break your silence and stop troubling yourself. Start talking to your close friends and take advices from your parents to let go off the stress. This will somehow ease your inner doubts and you will start feeling refreshed all-over again.

Breathing exercises

This is one of the proven and practical methods to say goodbye to every kind of stress. Whenever the stress gets over you and you feel chocked, start taking slow and deep breaths to calm down. You can even try yogic breathing exercises such as Alternative Nostril breathing and breath-of-fire breathing. By practicing such breathing exercises, your body will get enough life-giving energy and you will start feeling tranquil and relaxed to your head.

So, start living a stress-free life from today! In case, you want to have your say, please feel free to write down your comments as we always value your feedbacks. Also, if you liked this story, make sure to share it across your friend circle to let know about the tips to counter daily stress.

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