Tips for Students to Overcome Fear of Failure

Often during sports or other events, the commentators, journalists, and writers talk about the fearless approach. It brings the best out of people. There are certain factors that bring in fear inside the hearts and brains of everyone. Worst affected are students, who don’t yet have the experience of giving weight age to different events of life.

Especially during the current scenario of competition wherein, each 10th of a percent matters a lot, there is much to lose. This creates a situation of fear among the students, and their brain is unable to give the best. Sometimes, when the teachers push for ultimate performance, they also ignite the fear themselves. They tend to give over-the-top importance to certain events like exam results.

1. Understand

Delve deep into the psyche of the fear. What makes you fear, what consequences do you fear exactly? When this is established, the correct education about the consequences can help you become normal and perform better in those exams or classes.

2. Break into Parts

The simplest solution to any problem comes from breaking it into parts. Breaking into parts works in two ways. First is that you can monitor the progress and thus know you’re in the right direction. It is only a matter of time when your task is finished. The other advantage is that it automatically sets milestones and converts big tasks into several smaller tasks which can then easily be handled.

3. Fishes can’t fly

You need to understand why each individual is different. It will help you search for your expertise instead of feeling sad for a skill that you don’t possess. Consider this, if everyone did what they’re best at, the efficiency of the world will automatically improve.

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4. Read Success Stories

Success stories of famous people have one thing in common- failures. In the truest sense, failure is the best teacher. Nobody ever succeeded without failing. Failure is a step towards getting better in your domain as well as getting to know your shortcomings.

Failure is the best teacher one can have. There’s no point in shying away from failure. Think about Alibaba’s founder who was rejected in so many jobs, and now owns a multi-billion company which has its name across the world.

5. Accept Fear

Accepting fear is among the most important steps in learning to overcome fear. Once you accept that you are afraid of something, you will be ready to find a solution for the problem.

6. Work Hard

Failing is inevitable, yet temporary. But fear of failure can be used as a spark to work hard and give your best. Once you start doing that, the habit will help you in multiple spheres of life.

To sum it up, everyone fails in some parts of life. Einstein wasn’t a school topper. Sachin Tendulkar didn’t complete his schooling. But they were exceptional at certain things and they pursued that talent. They knew life is beyond success and failure, it is about following what you truly wish to do.

Tips for Students to Overcome Fear of Failure

Positive Affirmations for Students

1. Today and Everyday My Thirst For Learning is Alive And Well in Me

2. I Am a Great Student And Getting Better Each And Every Day

3. I Am Prepared For My Tests, I Love Taking Tests, Tests Are a Breeze For Me

4. Today I Study Hard So Tomorrow I Can Make My Difference

5. Education is The Path to Freedom, And Today I Will Walk That Path With Confidence

6. I Value My Education Because It Prepares Me For a Bright And Successful Future

7. I Am Always Open To Learning in a Better Way

8. A Chance To Learn is a Chance To Grow. I Am Growing

9. Some Days our Progress Is Small But our Learning Is Much

10. I Choose To Move Forward Every Day , Growing And Learning As I Go

11. I Set High Standards For My Educational Experience And I Achieve Them

12. I Am Smart And Today I Prove It

13. Learning is Life, I love Learning And I Am Good at It

14. The More I Learn The More I Achieve

15. I Am And Being a Student is All About The Possible

Good Thoughts for Students

1. Be big enough to admit, encourage and admire the abilities people who are better than you.

2. It is the difference between each individual that makes us special.

3. When time never waits you should ask why you are waiting for the right time. If time never waits then there is no wrong time to begin doing right things.

4. Politicians are the same anywhere; they promise to construct bridges even where there is no river.

5. Life gives us new lessons each day not for learning but to improve our understanding.

6. Take a break often and visit yourself every once in a while.

7. Spend your whole life waiting for the storm and miss out on enjoying the sunshine.

8. Fear can hold you prisoner and hope will set you free.

9. Always keep in mind you are unique – just like everybody else.

10. Only real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.

11. You can turn your ordinary personality into a human magnet just through constant thankfulness.

12. Success is the sum of several small efforts repeated often day in and day out.

13. Every bad situation has some good. Even a stopped clock shows the right time twice a day.

14. Absence of God = Absence of peace. Know God and Know peace.

15. From birth we have to options; become the slave or master of our destiny.

16. We can wear a smile even when hurting and feel happy even while unhappy. It is called strength.

17. Success comprises of 90% attitude and 10% talents.

18. Live in Now. Make Now the most precious time because Now will never come again.

19. Many people are desperate owing to an illusion that they have none.

20. Always ask yourself, If not me, then who. And if not now, then when.

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