Words of Encouragement for Students

They say education is the key for success. Students therefore need to have a purpose to succeed in their studies. There is always a challenge to produce brilliant results. Words of encouragement are important to remind students that hard work never goes unrewarded. Parents, teachers and fellow students can spread this Words of Encouragement to give students hope for better daysYour understanding level is different, take an extra mile to catch up with your peers.

1. A journey of 1000 miles starts with baby steps

2. You have the potential to do better.

3. Work hard now to leave better lives than your family

4. Hard work never goes unrewarded

5. You are a shining star in your life, keep the star shining

6. Parents sacrifice a lot to see you in school. They would be proud of your success

7. Choices have consequences, make the right choices

8. Whatever it is that you can not get in life now, work hard so that your children will not lack in future.

9. Happy people don’t have best things, they make the best of whatever they have

10. Nothing should stop you from scaling higher heights

11. Identify your hidden talents and make good use of them

12. There is always time for everything

It is important to note that students have different abilities. Producing good results is a teamwork effort. Teachers have to take the responsibility of encouraging weak students to continue working hard. Encouragement gives hope, hence a positive attitude to success.

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