Telangana SSC Time Table 2020 Released | Get SSC Exam Time Table from Here

Hyderabad: The 10th Annual Examination Schedule of Telangana has been released. The SSC Board has decided to conduct the Tenth Class Examinations from March 19 to June 6. The tests will be held from 9.30 am to 12.15 pm. Telangana SSC time table can be accessed from TSBSE’s official site once the board has released it.

The Telangana State Board of Secondary Education is tasked with providing secondary education in the state of Telangana. Specifically, the board oversees class 10 exams and provides the required resources and guidance to efficiently implement it. Moreover, the board provides education to the underprivileged and economically weaker sections of the society through various scholarship programs and financial aid. In the meanwhile, a timeline has been provided for the upcoming Telangana SSC 10th exam.

Telangana SSC Time Table Timeline

Conducting Authority Directorate of Government Examinations. Also known as SSC Board or TSBSE
Name of Exam Telangana SSC/ TS SSC Time Table/ TS 10th Class
SSC Time Table 2020 TS Release Date Released
Admit Card Availability (tentative) February/ March 2020
Main Exam (tentative) March 2020
Results (tentative) To be announced
Official Website

TS SSC Time Table 2020



first Language Paper 1 (Group-A) 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM O1T, O1A,O1K,O1U.


First Language Paper-I (Composite Course) 9:30 AM to 12:45 PM 03T,03A,03K,03U,03M, &03M
20 03-2020


First Language Paper-ll (Group-A) 9:30 AM lo 12:15 PM 02T,02A,02K,02U(

02H, & 02M

First language Paper-II (Composite Course) 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM 04S,05A, & 08H


Second language 9:30 AM to 12:45 PM 09H,09I &09U


English Paper I 09:30 AM to 12-15 PM 13E


English Paper-ll 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM 14E


Mathematics Paper-1 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM 15E,15T,1SA,15K, 15U, 15H& 15M


Mathematics Paper-ll 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM 1GE,16T,16A,16K, 16U, 16H &16M


General Science Paper-1 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM 19E,19T,19A,19K, 19U, 19H & 19M


General Science Paper II 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM 20E,.20T,20A,20K, 20U, 20H & 20M


Social Studies Paper-l 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM 21E,21T,21A,21K,21U, 21H& 21M


Social Studies Paper-ll 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM 22E, 22T,22A,22K, 22U, 22H& 22M
03-04 2020


OSSC Main Language Paper 1 (Sanskrit & Arabic) 9:30 AM to 12:45 PM 23 & 2S
04 04-2020


OSSC Main Language Paper-ll (Sanskrit & Arabic) 9:30 AM to 12:45 PM 24 & 26


SSC Vocational Course (Theory) 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM 31 to 82

1.             The Objective paper (Part-B) in all the subjects have to be answered in the last hall-an hour only

2.             All the Academic course subjects / Papers are common for both SSC Auidcmli Course and OSSC Course candidates.

3.             SSC Public Examinations, March 2020 will be conducted strictly, as per the above time table even if the Government declares Public Holiday or General Holiday in respect of any date/dates mentioned above

4.             The performance of the candidates who answer wrong combination of question paper. will be canceled-il Hence the candidates are Instructed to demand and answer right combination question papers only

5.             The Performance of the candidate to the examination will be canceled. ,if the candidate appears in the

Examination centre other than the originally allotted by this office

Exam Timings: 09:30 AM and 12:15 PM (for some subjects 12:45 PM)

TS SSC Exam Time Table Download PDF

TS SSC Exam Time Table – How To Download?

Once the SSC time table has been released, students can easily access them on the TSBSE’s official website. Download the timetable by following these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. On the homepage, the time table notification will be visible on widget present towards the left.
  3. Click on the notification.
  4. After clicking, the students will then be taken to a new page, where they will be presented with a PDF.
  5. Right-click on the PDF and select the “save as” option.
  6. This will download the PDF on to the student’s local machine for offline use.

Telangana SSC – Important Study Tips

Board exams are one of the most important phases in a student’s life. It opens doors to various opportunities, ranging from a prospective career to higher education. Hence, students must prepare well to ensure that they secure good marks in their exams. The following are a few study tips to help students make the most of their studies.

Planning: Having a detailed plan is important for studies. It helps the student to track their progress. Furthermore, sticking to a plan helps the student to form a habit. This is especially important as the students need to revise and review whatever they have learned. Therefore, consider adopting a detailed study plan when preparing for exams.

Practice: This is the most important step in the learning process. Practice helps a student to be well versed with the concepts and recall the same with ease during an exam. Lack of adequate practice can result in undesirable consequences. For instance, students may have trouble recalling information in their exams. Even if they did recall information, there is a chance that it might be distorted. Hence, to avoid all these unpleasant consequences, students are required to practice well before their exams.

Make Notes: Making notes is an important phase of the learning process. It becomes effective when students comprehend and transfer the information to a piece of paper or a notebook. Note making must be done in a classroom setting during a lecture. The reason why this technique is quite effective in that the mind, hands, eyes, and ears have to coordinate to interpret and transcribe the same. This means the student is more attentive during this activity. Hence, try to adopt the habit of making notes.

FAQ’s on Telangana SSC Time Table 2020

The following are some FAQs about Telangana SSC.

Question 1.
When is the Telangana SSC commencing?

March 2020 (tentative).

Question 2.
Is Telangana SSC an online or an offline exam?

Telangana SSC is an offline-only exam.

Question 3.
Who conducts Telangana SSC?

Directorate of Government Examinations

Question 4.
When can we download the timetable?

The timetable will most likely be available by January 2020. Please register to get the latest updates.

Question 5.
When can we download the admit cards?

February/ March 2020

Question 6.
What is the official website of TSBSE?


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