Absorbing Facts About Our Digestive Process

Absorbing Facts About Our Digestive Process

“Without enzymes the body’s ability to breakdown proteins, fats and carbs is compromised”

Since it’s a strong digestive system that keeps you healthy, a happier and healthier life starts with a happy tummy. Once food is eaten and it reaches the digestive system, the enzymes from the stomach and pancreas and bile, breakdown the proteins, starches and fats.

Once these nutrients are broken down into small particles, they are easily absorbed into the blood stream to reach all parts of the body. You could be eating the most perfect, appropriate diet, but if your body lacks efficient absorption all that perfect food will not become a part of your body and it will not be able to function at its best.

Enzymes And Digestion

Enzymes are an integral part of the digestive capacity of the body. Without enzymes, the body’s ability to breakdown proteins, fats and carbs is compromised. Eating processed and refined sugary foods, lack of sleep, stress and ageing decreases the body’s ability to produce enzymes. Hence, there is a need of supplementing the body with enzymes to help it absorb nutrients from all the food for proper digestion.

Finding The Right Enzymes

A plant based enzyme formula can be a great option for vegans. These enzymes come from plants or fungal sources. It is best to choose those enzymes that list activity, instead of the milligrams description.

Some medicine companies have mentioned units such as USP, IAU, DU on the back of their products. If you do not know how to judge the product, it’s best to check the units in milligrams instead of the previously mentioned units. Choose products that contain:

  • Protease – 10000 USP
  • Amylase – 10000 USP
  • Lipase – 2000 USP

The Role Of Stomach Acids

Stomach acids break down proteins and act as a defensive system against many pathogenic organisms. These acids help in the absorption of calcium, iron, vitamins, vitamin B12, magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium and many more. With age, stress, poor nutrition and many other factors, it becomes difficult for the body to produce enough stomach acids that results in low digestive power.

There are supplements available which can help maintain digestive power with age and which can safeguard from osteopenia, osteoporosis and many such chronic ailments. There are also products available which are the best mix of enzymes and acids.

A Simple Remedy

Just before a meal, consume apple cider vinegar and lime to increase stomach acids. One teaspoon of each in a glass of water, three times in a day before meals can dissolve many problems for you. However, before buying any supplements always ensure that it is organic and at least natural. If you feel a burning sensation in your food pipe. or in the stomach or have palpitations, you should stop the apple cider vinegar immediately and replace it with coconut vinegar.

Basics Of Bile

Bile is produced by the liver and is stored in the gallbladder. It works to dissolve fats and also works like a detergent that separates fats and fatty acids. This emulsification makes it easy for fat digesting enzymes to work. With wrong lifestyles and high stress, the gallbladder’s ability is impaired, leading to fats becoming difficult to digest and the triggering of uncomfortable symptoms like pain and nausea.

The body uses bile to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste which is not ready to get dissolved by the blood. When some toxins readily get dissolved in water, it is very easy for the liver to remove these toxins from the blood. But toxins which do not get dissolved in water, are handled by the bile which then works to send them to the intestine from where they are pooped out. So, for people who have no gallbladder, a supplementation of 200-400 mg of bile salt or bile at mealtimes, is recommended. Also, many enzyme products contain bile too.

Hidden Symptoms Of Gallbladder Problems

  • Bloating, belching
  • Low thyroid
  • Not satisfied after meals
  • High cholesterol
  • Constipation
  • Low solubility of vitamins (AD,E,K)
  • Right shoulder pain
  • Headaches


There are some important factors that play a crucial role in helping your digestive system to perform well. So just follow the guidelines above to increase your digestive power. Take care of your digestive system and you will be rewarded with good health!

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