Tips To Sidestep Technology Linked Health Hazards

Tips To Sidestep Technology Linked Health Hazards

Technology has multiple benefits and with today’s high level of connectivity, everyone and everything is pretty much closer and the world is definitely a smaller place. However, it is up to us to utilize digital technology in a responsible manner and to take precautions to avoid health hazards that could afflict us, our families and the community at large. Here are some noteworthy guidelines.

Avoid Excessive Cell Phone Use

  • Avoid talking continuously on the phone for more than fifteen minutes and preferably use hands free sets or speaker phones which help to hold the phone away from the body.
  • Switch the phone oft when not in use, especially at nights for better sleep. Pregnant women and younger children should be more careful even with low level radiation exposure.
  • Remember, texting is a safer option than repeated cell phone calls. Also, use landlines whenever possible.

When Work And Health Collide

Precautions To Take At Work

  • Frequent blinking of the eye while viewing the screen continuously, intermittent gentle massaging of the eyes and adjacent facial muscles help to cover the eyes with the tear film and prevents eye strain.
  • Take frequent breaks from viewing the monitor and focus on distant objects or on some pleasing colours like blue or green.
  • Artificial tears solutions may be prescribed by the ophthalmologist in case of significant dry eyes.
  • Correct visual refractive errors with appropriate glasses.
  • Ergonomically designed workplaces with stress on seating, light and appropriate placing of the monitor is necessary for good productivity at work.
  • Frequent breaks from prolonged sitting, simple stretching exercises focusing on back, shoulder, neck and limb muscles even while at work, will reduce the strain on these muscles.
  • Moving around in the office intermittently, using the stairs instead of the elevator, all improve physical fitness.

Make Some Lifestyle Changes

  • A good regular physical activity for at least 30-45 minutes five to six days a week goes a long way in preventing lifestyle diseases.
  • Actual social connect, not just online connecting helps to improve emotional wellbeing. Visit an ailing relative, get together with family, meet up with old friends and spend some time being unconnected from all gadgets.
  • Give your time for a social cause and revel in the joy it brings. It is definitely more beneficial for your mental wellbeing than the momentary happiness you get with the number of Facebook likes.
  • Strict regulations both by the government and voluntary agencies regarding disposal and recycling of e-waste needs to be made a high priority.
  • Also, try to do your bit, by avoiding further damage to the environment by adopting the simple principles of reduce, reuse, recycle.

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