5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Spa Therapy

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Spa Therapy

The sun is undoubtedly harsh on our skin and as the mercury rises, our body reflects the repercussions like tanning, sunburn and dryness. Nevertheless, the summer time can also be enjoyed by soaking in a relaxing spa. An ideal spa session will not only make you feel good but will also pamper you as it detoxities your skin, opens blocked pores and de-stresses your body. Here are some health benefits of soaking in a hot tub.

Glowing Skin Overnight
During the summers we are frequently plagued with dehydrated skin, dry patches and dark circles. These conditions may also be due to improper sleep which in turn causes dull skin and dark circles. All these skin woes can be reversed with the right spa therapies as a spa provides instant exfoliation to your skin leaving it glowing and spot-tree.

Heals Muscle Joints And Back Pain
Even the fittest and slimmest amongst us, have too much weight on our ankles and feet because they support all our body weight. We also often complain of back pain. A spa provides a break from the daily grind by reducing the strain on your joints as the natural buoyancy of water supports 90 per cent of your weight. Also, the jets installed in the bath tub provides instant relief by targeting particular muscles and the spine. So when the pressure is off your muscles and spine, it leaves you feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

Helps Fight Arthritis
Short sessions of exercise in a hot water tub can help in keeping your joints in motion. It also restores strength, flexibility and protects your joints from any damage. Engaging yourself in exercises during a spa session also improves endurance, coordination, concentration and keeps you fit to perform daily tasks.

Improves Cardiovascular Health And Lowers BP
Engaging yourself in small exercise routines during a spa session increases heart rate and helps lower blood pressure. Regularly indulging in spas and hot tubs provide the same health benefits as exercise but with little stress on the heart.

Promotes Sound Sleep
A spa session 90 minutes before bedtime can help reduce your body temperature, thus helping to ease you into a state of deep and sound sleep. A soak in water can also help regulate your body temperature before you get into bed.

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