Time For Some Digital Dieting!

Time For Some Digital Dieting!

Digital dieting is a detox mechanism required to revive and restore oneself from the intricate web of techno say gadgets and the limitless exposure to an all inviting world beyond. Digital dieting as the words suggest, ¡s a direct but corrective measure incorporated for digital overeating. Living without technology today, sounds absolutely incomprehensible, as the usage of technology does not limit itself to any particular age or profession. Individuals across various sections of society are using technology for personal benefits, or otherwise.

The Clean-Up

The concept of digital dieting is loosely based on the learning model which simply means that we acquire new learning by associating it with something pleasurable and in turn making it a part of our functional behavior. Thus, technology has an overwhelming effect on our lives and digital dieting indicates refraining from digital gadgets, which consecutively yields very effective and beneficial results for cleaning up one’s cognitive and emotional processes.

The Health Risks of Using A Smartphone Continuously

3 Simple & Quick Ways To Go On Digital Diet

From the below handful of easy rules, you can stay in touch digitally without a break or regular use. In the long-run, you may even fashion better habits and be cheerful and more profitable generally.

That Sounds Cool, right? Okay, let’s give it a try.

Set up no-device hours

Here’s the way where the digital diet put into play. Set some limits and then go on with your diet flow but don’t stick to do full-on detox. Establishing any one of the device free-times will make you form with a good habit. There are three no-device times where people can follow, but it may vary from one to others based on their personal needs. You can ditch morning times, lunchtimes, or one hour before bed so that you can relax and get to sleep without any tensions or thoughts.

No matter whatever you pick the device free-times, ensure you stick to it. If not, you will definitely fail to form the habit nor you will get benefit from the results.

Stop notification mania

One of the main reasons for your distraction is the notifications on your mobile screens. If you use a smartwatch instead of the phone for a smart search, then your wrist will continuously buzz with notifications. It gives you information along with distractions. In case you don’t maintain any smartwatch then you would probably check your mobile phone constantly for a phone call, messages, email vibration or sound or flashlight.

Too many alerts or notifications can be annoying sometimes so turn off notification for unnecessary apps by heading to your device settings. Just turn off it right now and habituate to check all your work emails or important messages manually in your break time. It is mandatory in order to follow your digital diet plan.

Just give a break to Social Media

Everyone gets bored in the middle of their work and always seek for some relaxation. That’s the reason, people always check social media and spend their entire evening in it. No one will be benefited by checking social media for the sake of relaxation. So, pick some time for your social media accounts during your email check only.

Show some smartness in getting notifications on your mobile at any cost. If you’re passionate to post every moment of your life badly on social media platforms to get some attraction or sympathy from your friends or strangers, just stop it from now and keep your focus on a digital diet plan.

Physical And Mental Health Benefits

Regulating technology usage has several benefits, both instantaneous and long-term. So adopting a healthy practice of moving away from gadgets for a specific timeframe will ensure several physical and mental health benefits like lesser sleep deprivation, proper posture, and completion of other activities without disruption and on the psychological side and also the development of better resilience, an increased attention span, and new improved social skills. All these changes can act as a bonus and a value-added quality to the way you function at home and your workplace.

Cutting Down Digital Addiction

Timing the usage of technology by using the ‘do not disturb mode,’ ‘sleep mode’ or ‘flight mode’ regulates behavioral patterns by providing one with more ‘me time’ compared to the time spent on digital devices. You will also be saved from the perpetual need to unnecessarily responding to unwanted texts or messages. Going off the grid many times also reduces the occurrence of cyberbullying and online privacy issues, to a certain extent.

Digital dieting as the words suggest is a direct but corrective measure incorporated for digital overeating

Intuitive technology like voice interaction can reduce digital addiction to a small extent, as there are several parameters to be taken into account. Digital detox starting with no device time, unplugging, no visible notification, negated status alerts and giving a break to social media will definitely make you understand the importance of time and space, which will surely lead to better self-management!

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