Music And Its Magic On Athletic Performance

Music And Its Magic On Athletic Performance

“Music can naturally regulate your mood while exercising and can compel you to move!”

Music And Fitness

Music can actually work wonders! And not just in terms of refreshing or rejuvenating you. Background music motivates you to exercise longer, to step up your pace, or move in synchronization with the rhythm. Thus, music is an integral part of fitness.

If you’ve been lacking in enthusiasm with regard to your workout and have been dragging yourself to your fitness centre, try working out to some thumping music, as it can naturally regulate your mood while exercising and can compel you to move!

There are also particular tracks especially for activating your nine energy centres located within your body. Activated chakras or energy centres means that you cannot be lethargic, as you get fuelled from within and look for opportunities to somehow expend this energy.

Music Power And Strength Music specifically for boosting energy, helps in dissociating the sensation of fatigue and stimulating the motivational glands. Indian music lovers can vitalize and get motivated for strengthening exercises by listening to the Indian ragas like hamsadhwani, kedaram, vishwambhari and kalyani bhajan as these ragas instill energy and inculcate motivation to go further to conserve that energy before your energy centres get numb.

Also, research by Costas Karageorghis, a sports psychology expert at London’s Brunel University School of Sport and Education has shown that music works its unique magic on athletic performance in three distinct ways: by increasing the desire to move around rather than sit still, by encouraging people to synchronize their movement with the beat and by helping to distract people from discomfort.

Enhanced Cardio Ability And Endurance

The number of beats in a song per minute influences the desired result in a cardio programme. Professor Karageorghis’ new research indicates that an exercise group was exposed to music and another group was not. They were then compared for cardlo ability and endurance. The former group had a 15 per cent increased output of cardio ability and endurance.

Inspirational Movies And Music

Positive psychology states that popular stars especially actors and sportsperson make a huge impact on people. The good news is that these stars are exhibiting inspirational movies/songs which propagate their fitness levels. Also, these inspirational movies with their high impact motivational songs leave the crowds feeling inspired to gain vigour.

A few fitness trainers interviewed the audience exiting the auditorium screening these films. After speaking to the audiences they came to the conclusion that the high resolution music and overwhelming fusion of instruments, arouse a higher percentage of enthusiasm for fitness and physical demeanor among these people. In fact, some were heading for workouts instead of to any other entertainment zone.

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