The Magnetic Powers Of The Yellow Sapphire

The Magnetic Powers Of The Yellow Sapphire

A yellow sapphire is an ineffable, precious mystical gemstone associated with Jupiter, the ruler of planets.

The colour associated with Jupiter is yellow and thus the gemstone which carries the positive powers of this planet is known as yellow sapphire. In Hindi, yellow sapphire is known as ‘pukhraj.’

This gemstone is known to bestow good luck, fortune, success, power and wealth on the one who wears it. However. before embellishing this precious gemstone you should consult a professional astrologer as he/ she will check your horoscope for compatibility. The best day to wear this gemstone is, Thursday and the best time to wear this stone is shukla paksha and pushya nakshatra.

The yellow sapphire is considered to be a mystical gemstone that carries the positive powers of Jupiter. So, it not only affords people with wealth, power and prosperity, but also ignites innate, powerful energy which helps one achieve success and hence it has a powerful impact on an individual.

“The yellow sapphire not only affords people with wealth, power and prosperity, but also ignites innate, powerful energy which helps one achieve success”

Magnetic Powers

  • If an individual is wearing a yellow sapphire, some portion of the stone should touch a part of the body as it not only attracts wealth, but also sparks innate energy.
  • The yellow sapphire bestows peace and soothes tensed minds.
  • Through its mystical and powerful impact, it provides strength to an individual in the face trouble and gets rid of all negative energy.
  • As Jupiter is regarded a mentor, It enhances the intellectual abilities of the person wearing It.
  • Thus, it brings greater success in academics and professors.
  • lawyers and writers can benefit a great deal by wearing this gemstone.
  • Yellow sapphire also attracts wealth, power and prosperity. Thus, a business can flourish it the owner wears it.
  • It spreads happiness, prosperity and good health in an individual’s lite.
  • As it attracts positivity, wearing a yellow sapphire will help remove any obstacles that could be the reason for a girl not getting married.
  • This gemstone is also helpful in bringing stability for women facing difficulties in their marriages.
  • Although known mostly for attracting good fortune, yellow sapphire also serves as an exquisite engagement ring.
  • According to Hindu mythology, Jupiter which is the ruling planet of the yellow sapphire represents a husband and thus brings conjugal bliss.

The most positive aspect of this gemstone is that it has a neutral effect, If it does not suit to person, it will not harm as well but at the same time, lilt is compatible, it will have very vibrant and positive effects.

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