How To Tame The Stress Monster

How To Tame The Stress Monster

The decreased functionality of the cognitive system, fatigue, sleeplessness and oscillating blood pressure levels are all the results of elevated levels of cortisol – a key hormone associated with stress. This conspiring hormone is the cause of weight gain that is claimed to be induced by stress. The above mentioned signs are more visible after the age of thirty and steadily Increase with age and responsibilities.

Long-term effects of stress are manifested in behaviours like getting up at three in the morning, being wide awake and alert, struggling to lose a belly tire despite a healthy diet and having positive responses to caffeine. Whatever is perceived as stressful, triggers stress the hormones. So, basically our psychological take on a particular situation or circumstance is visible through our physiological state. However, since stress is part and parcel of life today, it is important to know effective methods to deal with the stress monster and to keep cortisol levels in control before it saps you of your energies and life.

Consume More Magnesium

Stress depletes the magnesium levels in the body and the signs of this are experienced through the tightening of muscles and constipation. Beat this condition with increasing the intake of green veggies and maybe a glass of Nice of the same, on a daily basis. But be careful not to overdo it. as it may result in diarrhoea.

Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine helps to deal with the sleep deprived and keeps one alert. However, regular sleeplessness and reliance on caffeine increases the production of cortisol. So, cut down the intake gradually and have it with food to overcome dependence on it.

Have A Protein Packed Lunch

Apart from controlling caffeine consumption. the cortisol levels can be controlled by packing protein as part of your meals, combined with complex carbohydrates. This helps adrenaline production and helps you deal better with stress during the second halt of a tiring day. Ideally, one should have six meals in a day, alternated between one luge and one small meal, like a snack.

“Our psychological take on a particular situation or circumstance is visible through our physiological state”

Alter Your Exercise Pattern

An increased level of cortisol draws people towards exercises of high intensity typically known as HIIT. In such a case, the person should skip the urge for these exercises and try meditation, yoga or Pilates. These exercises are less intensity driven and help in maintaining the hormone, cortisol.

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