Live In The Moment And Live It Up!

Live In The Moment And Live It Up!

The mind is considered the inner eye of an individual. Sometimes, what escapes the anatomical eye, might have been seen by the mind’s eye. The mind can take its position either in one’s brain (for the intellectual types) or in ones heart (for the emotional types). The mind is omnipresent, though the extent to which it is used to collaborate with our environment is an individualistic phenomenon. The changing face of our environment makes it even more important for the mind and body to work together for effective results.

The Concept Of Mindfulness
The term by itself, sounds very complete. though a more technical meaning simply states that, mindfulness is being able to be fully present in the moment It is about us being aware of events, things and people around you and experiencing these occurrences with a non-judgmental attitude.

Getting affected by events may alter the course of a free-thinking process and will take you away from being present at the moment. Mindfulness makes you more aware of emotions and your capability in responding to them, without being overwhelmed.

The Approach
Mindfulness is a very practical approach that can be adapted within families for better and happy living, It talks about every member of the family being aware of his or her roles and playing those roles to the fullest, without grudges and irritation. It highlights the fact that coexistence becomes a happy experience, only when each and every member of the family practices and also experiences being non judgmental and being aware of the present.

“Thinking about the past can cause pain and thinking about the future can make you very anxious but living in the present and being present, will definitely make you more peaceful and happy!”

How To Bring Positivity Into Your Life

What Mindfulness Imparts
Through mindfulness one learns to react and emote in the present, rather than sticking to the past or in fact, trying to relate the situation to the unknown future. Both these practices take us away from living in the moment, for the moment or with the moment, which in turn, simply makes us lose the potential we had. as it is dissipated with our uncalled for, reactions. Mindfulness In families can be extremely rewarding – in marital relationships, with children, with adolescents and in the Indian sub-culture, with in-laws as well. Mindfulness within the family scenario can be practiced in the following way:

  • Be In The Present
    Do what you aim to get done, without emotional resistance and with total awareness of your resources. Focus and attitude matter.
  • Do It Because You Really Want To
    Let the procedure of conducting yourself in a conversation or an event be a natural tree-flowing activity rather than forced.
  • Shove The Fear Aside
    Unhelpful thinking patterns, often lead to results which are negative and not so appealing. We grudgingly compromise. Instead, question and rediscover solutions related to experience.
  • Practice Anger Management
    Negative emotions are a major drawback when it comes to thinking better. Realize, understand your anger and do not generalize. Situations differ.
  • Let The Mind Take Its Time
    Allow your mind to appreciate the moment. Think, eat, drinks laugh. talk and walk and also at times, fight at a slower pace. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

How To Begin Mindfulness
Mindfulness practice can begin with a simple practice of all the family members paying attention to morning routines and having a small discussion about the aims for the day. This can be initiated as a part of the daily chores and does not require much detailing. The same practice can be followed at the end of the day, by allowing moments of quiet and reflection.

Plan For The Future But Live In The Present
Mindfulness comes naturally, if we plan for the future but live in the present. We should teach ourselves to do one thing at a time Dwelling on thought processes without action, may lead to clogging which will take us away from being in the present.

Couples need to think in terms of accepting responsibility and avoid worrying. They should think and accomplish the goals individually or mutually, in the present. Families need to operate knowing that every cloud has a silver lining. Persistence is the magic word. Children need to be taught to be punctual, to be reflective, to be a doer, to act, to let their energies flow.

Realizing The True Miracle Of Life

Mindfulness Exercises
There are several exercises taught by experts to bring about immense change in our day-to-day functioning. Breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, music therapy, yoga, aroma therapy. a spa session and an expressive art therapy can help us move towards mindfulness. Laughter therapy also has a fantastic effect on mindfulness. You could also have your own silly but innovative and effective way of being mindful.

Do remember, that thinking about the past can cause pain and thinking about the future can make you very anxious but living in the present and being present, will definitely make you more peaceful and happy. So, being mindful is an experience.

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