Realizing The True Miracle Of Life

Realizing The True Miracle Of Life

Let us say you do not know anything about electricity. If I tell you that if I touch a certain part of the wall, the whole room will be flooded with light, would you believe me? If I show you, then you would assume I must be the messenger of God, the son of God or God incarnate. In other words, anything that is beyond your present level of understanding is a miracle for you right now. We are always looking for miracles.

Now, whichever way I throw a ball, it will only come down. This is a miracle that they discovered long ago. Isaac Newton discovered this, but since then it is not a miracle because now we understand it. Do miracles really exist? There are two ways of looking at it. One way is, every cell in your body, is a miracle. Aren’t these absolute miracles, the way they are happening? Isn’t it an absolute miracle that you are sitting on this planet, when it is spinning at a tremendous speed? Isn’t it a miracle that from two simple cells you have become all this and now you can question the very process of life?

Take for example, the soil, If you fertilize it, you will be gratified by the beauty of flowers that will grow from the tree that comes up there. You are putting stinking manure in the soil, without any fragrance. If you were unaware of the process and I told you a fragrant flower will come out of this manure, would you believe this? Suppose this is done in my hands, it I take a lump of manure and make it in to a beautiful flower, then you will call it a miracle. But If a tree is capable of performing this same process, you do not think it is a miracle. Why this prejudice? The tree is also performing a miracle.

Whenever you do not understad the cause of something and just see the effect, you think it is a miracle, but everything in the physical realm is happening between cause and effect

One way of looking at it is that the whole process of life is a miracle, every bit of it. Another way of looking at it is that nothing is a miracle; everything has a basis to it. Whenever you do not understand the cause of it and you just see the effect, you think it is a miracle, but everything in the physical realm is happening between cause and effect. The way of science is that nothing is a miracle; everything has an explanation and a basis to It.

The way of the mystical is that everything is a miracle – but these two are not different, they are the same. We are talking in terms of science because the strongest aspect in you right now is logic. If you try to discard your logic and be mystical you will not be truthful to yourself. You will have to tell many lies to yourself, but still something within you will keep on bothering you with questions.

The biggest miracle would be if we lose the need for miracles and start recognizing the miracle of life. Let me tell you about my miracle, I can show you hundreds of people for whom not a single day passes without tears of bliss flowing from their eyes. This is my fortune, that people around me are shedding tears of bliss wherever I go. I can show you people who have not felt a single moment of Irritation or agitation in months. I think this is the miracle that the world needs.

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