Is Whey Protein Good For Women?

Is Whey Protein Good For Women?

Protein supplements and high protein diets are frequently consumed by athletes and bodybuilders who try to improve muscular strength or build massive muscles. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise when the majority of the information pertaining to proteins caters to mostly men.

Women too have nutritional needs and fitness goals, but these are different from men. Hence, the guidelines should be different with regard to the type, amount and frequency of protein foods that must be consumed to achieve a lean and toned body without bulking up.

Protein Requirements

The recommended dietary allowance of protein for an adult woman is 0.8 g/kilo body weight per day. The requirement is higher during the physiological stages of pregnancy (an additional 15g/day) and lactation (RDA+25 g/d) and also if the women is recreationally active or an endurance athlete (1.2- 1.4g/kilo body weight/day).

The simplest way to meet the daily requirement is through the consumption of high biological value (contains all essential amino acids) protein sources such as eggs, milk. fish and meats, Vegetable proteins such as beans, grains, and nuts Can also meet the recommendations, both in terms of quantity and quality, when consumed in combination with other plant or animal proteins (for instance khichdi or roti with paneer).

Protein supplementation may be a convenient way of sprucing up the protein content of diet but these should not be construed as substitutes for dietary sources.

Whey Protein For Women

Whey protein has emerged to be a popular protein supplement that may prove beneficial tor women to not only step up the protein content consumed, but also to improve satiety, body composition and shed some extra pounds. A variety of whey protein supplements are available such as whey concentrates to whey isolates and whey hydrosylates that get assimilated into the system quickly.

Whey proteins contain higher amounts of branched-chain amino acids (especially leucine) and glutathione that work favourably in tissue growth/repair and enhancing immune functions respectively Thus. depending on the activity level, training regime and the protein requirement, women can safely consume one-two scoops of whey protein powder once a day. without worrying about gaining rippling muscles. However, for non-athletes or women who do not hit the gym frequently, sticking to a balanced diet with ample sources of lean protein in the diet would be the best bet!

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