Facts About Your Baby’s Teeth

Facts About Your Baby’s Teeth

It is quite common to have a lot of conflicting advice with regard to your little ones dental care and you may often get worried about the teeth health of your toddler, Particulars like when to take your kid to the dentist for the first time as well as concern about his or her baby teeth and regular brushing could Increase your worries. Hence, it is very important to be aware of a few facts to help soothe worries about your baby’s teeth and bust some myths once and for all.

Milk Teeth Are Important

Dentists remark that many parents do not pay attention to the importance of milk teeth, because in contrast to the common belief of being a ‘practice set’ of teeth, milk teeth hold greater importance as it is vital for your child’s health and development. It augments the child’s speech development ability and helps critical functions like chewing. Hence, if due care is not taken, children may need extraction at a later stage and this could be quite painful. So, apart from brushing regularly, parents should monitor what their child is eating since too much sugary foods can cause tooth decay.

When To Visit The Dentist

According to dentists, the earlier you instill good oral health habits in your child, the better for him/her. Baby teeth make an appearance from four to ten months of age. So, at the age of one, a visit to the dentist is advised. The dentist will check his/tier mouth, jaw alignments and existing teeth health. A talk with your dentist about diet and dental hygiene will help you understand your child’s general oral health better.

Choosing The Correct Tooth brush All dental products are not the same. Child-friendly toothbrushes have softer bristles that work best on their teeth and mouth. So, let your child choose his/her own kid-friendly toothbrush as this encourages your child to get involved in brushing. Also, using brushes that come in a variety of colours and cartoon-like characters could be an enjoyable experience as well as fun too.

When To Start Brushing

There is no need to wait till your toddler has a mouthful of teeth, start brushing your baby’s teeth soon after they erupt. You should monitor and guide your child’s brushing until he/she is seven or so on. Children often imitate their parents, so by setting a good standard for your own oral hygiene, you can encourage your children too.

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