Best Eye Make up Tips For Your Peepers

Best Eye Make up Tips For Your Peepers

Eye make-up application is important, because if not done right, it can really mess up your entire look. Hence, for beginners, perfecting the art of eye make-up remains the trickiest, as you need to be extremely careful, gently applying the right strokes to get perfect smoky eyes or subtle rose gold eyes. But you needn’t fret, because a few practice strokes and some easy tips can make this entire eye make up process easier, transforming your tired and putty eyes to oh-so gorgeous ones!

Essential Eye Make-Up Products


Apply a base of eye primer to increase the longevity of your eye make-up and to prevent creasing. It is the foremost step to get the process started right and the best way to keep your eye make-up intact for hours.


There are three basic types of eyeliners – liquid, pencil and gel. Get started with pencil liner, as the chances of it getting smudged are the least and it gives you the confidence to get the strokes right without being afraid of a disaster. Gel and liquid liners are recommended for getting better precision and impact. However, choose the right colour for the right effect.

Darker colours such as black always give a striking and bold look, whereas brown makes your eyes look a little subtle. White eyeliner, on the other hand, makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Start the application by making dots along the lashes and connecting them. Overtime, you will get the strokes right without playing dots with your liner. Nevertheless, make sure the liner is close to your lashes, to make it seem like an extension of your natural lash line.


Choose the right eye shadow to get the desired effect. But remember, opting for darker shades can make your eyes appear smaller. So, stick to light colours on the lid and brow bone and a medium shade on your crease to make your eyes look bigger. If you’re still struggling to find out which eyeshadow colour works best for you, look for none other than champagne colour as it works every time and literally suits every skin tone.


Either hold the mascara wand perpendicular or tilt the brush so that it is perpendicular to your lashes. In this way, you can easily apply mascara to both you upper and lower lashes.

Apply the mascara from the roots and not the tip to get the best volume and to avoid weighing down your lashes. Apply a single coat at a time, to both the sides by looking up and down till you get the desired volume.

While applying mascara on your lower lashes, place a tissue paper or a spoon to prevent getting marks on your skin. Just in case you end up using an eye curler post the mascara application, make sure the mascara is at least semi- wet and not dry.

If at all the mascara accidentally touches your eyelid after you have applied eyeshadow, wait till it dries then use a swab of cotton and spin it on the spot till it’s gone, as doing the same with wet mascara, might smear it more and spoil it further.

Eyebrow Pencil Or Powder

At times, due to over-tweezing or due to lack of proper eyebrow growth, it is essential to fix and shape your eyebrows. Use an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill any gaps in your eyebrows or to enhance its shape. But if you’re looking at defining the shape of your eyebrows further, use an angled brush and a matching colour pressed powder.

However, avoid overly filling in the inside corners of your brows or making the end points look too harsh. Dip a fluffy brush in translucent powder or a concealer around the perimeter of your eyebrows to give a sharper and cleaner look.

Removing Eye Make-Up

It you wake up in the morning and still have rims under your eyes or find that your eyelashes fall out every time you remove stubborn mascara, then you haven’t mastered the right technique to get rid of your eye make-up. And It is important to diligently remove your make-up before you go to bed every night.

But instead of splurging on expensive eye make-up remover, you can use your regular moisturiser to wipe away all your eye make-up, even the waterproof stuff. Apply moisturiser generously in the area from where you want to remove the product and then wait for about a minute before removing the make-up with a cotton pad or a cotton bud.

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