Busting The Beauty Myth

Busting The Beauty Myth

What Is True Beauty?

Beauty has nothing to do with one’s height, colour, weight or figure. These are just norms that we inherit from the media, from our surroundings and our environment. We are nothing but programmed machines, thInking in the manner we have been programmed by our own selves and society. Inner beauty Is far deeper than these prejudices. True beauty lies beyond prejudices and assumptions that we hold and inner beauty is the only beauty which is expressed through two people who simply want to be together, irrespective of their outward appearance.

Beliefs Of Beauty

One of the famous tales of Akbar and Birbal includes a story of King Akbar witnessing a woman showering affection on an extremely ugly child. He didn’t understand how anyone could have so much love and affection for a child like that.

To that, Birbal responded saying that she was the mother of the child and for every mother, her child is the most beautiful in the entire world. Hence, similar to emperor Akbar’s mindset about beauty, we all carry thousands of beliefs in our head about beauty.

There is a prejudice that we always have – a dark skinned person is average, while a fair looking person is attractive. Similarly, being thin is acceptable, while being fat isn’t.

Likewise, having a perfect figure or straight silky hair are just some examples of the taboos we harbour within us. We have many notions, emotions, ideas and thoughts of what is good, what is bad, what is right, what is wrong, what is to be and what is not to be.

True Beauty Lies Beyond Prejudices

The simplest definition of inner beauty is nothing but a person who has ‘a heart of gold’ – the one who connects to another person’s heart, when two hearts meet and they come together in tremendous harmony, then that is, true inner beauty.

When love is the expression of two people. it is true inner beauty. It is the absence of conditions, comparisons, possessions, must-be’s and should-be’s and the the absence of compulsions.

Nature And Beauty

A person who accepts the world around the way it is and rejoices every emotion in it, holds true beauty. In tact, beauty itself is God and God is beauty. Everything is beautiful in this universe. it is just that one needs pure eyes to view the same. The sun, moon and stars are beautiful, just like the trees and mountains. In tact, nature on the whole, is beautiful and a genuine reflection of inner beauty!

One who is aligned with nature inevitably sees beauty all around. But the one who is not in tune with nature, experiences struggle and discontent. Even though one may carry a body that the world finds attractive, what matters is the inner beauty that one has because, even so-called pretty faces are not satisfied with whatever they have in their life, simply because they lack a heart filled with love.

The True Definition Of Beautiful

A person who is dissatisfied and unhappy from within, will be in the quest of seeking fulfillment and hence may indulge in something that is ugly like lying, cheating, robbing, etc. But a person who is satisfied is the one who cherishes his/her lite. A fulfilled person will do all things which are in tune with the qualities of Godliness like loving. sharing and taking care of all beings in this world. This is what inner beauty is in its purest form!

A body with everything is nothing in comparison to a soul which radiates with inner beauty. The one who loves and lives every moment in joy and makes others life happy, is a person who is perfect to describe as beautiful! Hence, inner beauty is the outcome of being fulfilled. Go inwards, meditate, spend more time in silence and increase your inner-beauty which is reflected through your body. There is no need of any makeup, cosmetics or any other beauty product.

A Beautiful You!

  • When your heart is pure you naturally shine and glow
  • Your eyes will speak what your heart says
  • Your face will reflect what your heart is
  • Your body will glow with the radiance of your heart and soul

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