Coping With Life-Threatening Diseases

Coping With Life-Threatening Diseases

An individual may go through several episodes of imbalance and turmoil in this journey called life. However, an event governing an emotional upheaval may have its origin in various contexts. Nature has played its card to perfection by creating the human body in a tailor-made fashion. Therefore, the physical, as well as the physiological state of an individual Yields responses and, is extremely complex in its functioning.

However. the executional aspect of the body is very dependent on life events, the environment. lifestyle and how seriously one nurtures it and takes care Of it. Moreover, the body also has Its own regulating mechanisms and extends warning signals which need to be paid attention to immediately.

Irregularities of/in the body can be mild to severe. The milder versions handled at the immediate need level is less draining, as the duration of suffering is less and treatment can be conclusive and effective. But the more severe the pathology is the more the impact on the body. as well as the mind. Life-threatening diseases of various kinds leave an impact USUaIIy of the adverse kind which lasts for a lifetime.

Coping Skills And Support

The complete phenomena of detecting the disease, followed by the treatment modality, topped with unsure prognosis and the most important. constant and excruciating suffering due to physical pain and emotional trauma is an inexplicable experience. However. individuals have their own coping skills along with the familial and societal support, which vanes from disease to disease.

Emotional Reactions

The million-dollar question of ‘why am I the chosen one?’ dwells on the emotional platform. The behavioral patterns may vary from non-acceptance. aggression, anger. to extreme sadness, self-pity and depression Emotional reactions might have both over and undertones. depicting the change in life-governing situations. Whether old or young the question lies in sustaining. The time frame of sustainability too can vary. though a strong social and cultural dimension backs up coping skills. A family support group and illness support groups can also help in emotional healing.

Logic Vs Philosophy

Educating individuals and training them through specialists makes an individual understand his/her suffering in a more logical way than in a Philosophical manner. Additionally, activities of various kinds can keep one engaged and hence thoughts are occupied elsewhere, rather than on the impact of the disease.

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