Cancer During Pregnancy: What To Expect

Cancer During Pregnancy: What To Expect

Becoming a mother is every woman’s dream. However, if diagnosed with cancer at the time of pregnancy is undoubtedly traumatic. Cancer is a life-threatening disease but what more survising is that In many cases, both mother and child can survive. Usually, cancer has nothing to do with pregnancy but the risk goes up whenever a woman delays childbearing, leading up to her 30’s or 40’s.

Treating Cancer During Pregnancy

First, it is important to know stage of the cancer and its rate of growth Simultaneously, it is also important to consider the fetus After a complete analysis, the doctor can deco on the appropriate treatment option, considering the stage of the pregnancy. Sometimes, a patient needs to start the treatment immediately. while at times, also may have to delay cancer treatments like chemotherapy Doctors usually recommend delaying chemotherapy until the first trimester is completed in order to allow the formation of the fetus’s organs.

In some cases. if the cancer is too severe to be treated. the woman may be advised to terminate the pregnancy as terminating the pregnancy can open up the options for treatment of the cancer Therefore. it IS of utmost importance to be as healthy as possible, before you decide to get pregnant, So here are some tips that will help you to not only stay healthy, but to stay away from cancer as well.

1. Take up household chores Being physically fit and active lowers the risk of canc€ by 50 per cent. From cleaning the house to decorating it. involve yourself in numerous activities. Also, take out some time to exercise, as it minimizes quantity of fat cells that are responsible in releasing estrogen and testosterone hormones

2. Refrain from alcohol as drinking alcohol regularly. increases the risk of breast cancer

3. Don’t consume canned food and drinks, Avoid reheating the food in a microwave; especially food stored in plastic containers. as they contain chemicals that increase the risk of breast cancer

4. Go for a preconception checkup. In case, you have a family background of cancer, consider attending genetic counseling

5. Once you are pregnant, observe your body carefully and report anything suspicious to your doctor. Be it a lump, unexplained pain or a pigmented mole anywhere in your body

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