Eye Care During The Monsoons

Eye Care During The Monsoons

“Don’t let the rain get in your eyes, as the pollutants in the atmosphere get absorbed by the eyes causing them harm”

It’s that time of the year to bid adieu to the oppressive heat and dust of the summers and welcome the monsoons. This season could easily be considered as the best time of the year however, the monsoons brings with it infections and a host of eye problems if a strict regime of hygiene and sanitation is not adhered to. So here are some useful tips to safeguard yourself against eye ailments during the rains.

  • Always wash your face, hands and feet after reaching home, A hot water bath is advised too.
  • Wash your hands frequently and clean your eyes with water only after cleaning your hands thoroughly.
  • Use a separate face towel, handkerchief or tissue to wipe your face and eyes.
  • Do not use your body towel to wipe your f ace/ eyes as the germs and microbes are likely to infect your eyes.
    Ensure that your spectacles are cleaned each time you step out in the rains and keep an extra set of contact lenses, lens case and lens lotion handy.
  • If you are wearing contact lenses, be careful that the lenses are not blown away or that dust does not fly under the lenses. Protective shades can help to protect your eyes.
  • Don’t let the rain get in your eyes. as the pollutants in the atmosphere get absorbed by the eyes causing them harm.
  • The natural protection mechanism of the eyes – the tear film is washed away with rain water. Hence do not raise your face and open your eyes to enjoy the rains.
  • Keep children away from water logged areas as it is laden with bacteria and is known to cause eye infections like conjunctivitis.
  • Though rain water is reasonably clean, rain that has filtered through the trees carries an enormous amount of germs and microbes. Hence, try not to look up when walking below trees and buildings to prevent water dripping into your eyes. But in case it does, dry your eyes and immediately wash them with clean water.
  • The same applies to water being splashed from the street. If the water from the street goes in your eyes, stop and wash your eyes immediately – even if it means buying a bottle of drinking water to clean your eyes because preventing an infections is always more beneficial than treating it.
  • The use of preventive antibiotic drops if the eyes are itchy or feels runny is advisable too. Ask your eye doctor to prescribe the same.
  • It your eyes have been operated on or you have undergone Lasik more caution is required, as eyes that have been recently operated on, tend to get affected faster.

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