Why Swimming Is A Popular Exercise

Why Swimming Is A Popular Exercise

“I can’t fly, but swimming is the next best thing. The water is my Sky”

In todays world of technology, choosing to take an hour of swimming truly means choosing to unplug – besides, water and electricity are not that compatible. Swimming is harmony and balance combined! It’s a weightless freedom and liberation from all your worries and daily stress. It can also be a great way of meditation and a means to ponder on your life’s decisions. Swimming is also probably one of the best sports to boost confidence about your body as it makes you feel conscious of what you are capable of, making you feel strong and in charge of your life.

Why You Should Swim

When you swim you feel weightless, graceful and alive. Also, though everyone has confidence issues, at the pool everyone is equal. So no matter what your age, gender or what is happening in your life right now, when in the water, no one is going to start pointing out your flaws aloud. Thus, contrary to what you may think, nobody is judging you, mostly because they are busy feeling insecure of how they themselves look in a swimsuit.

“Swimming is probably one of the best sports to boost confidence about your body as it makes you feel conscious of what you are capable of – making you feel strong and in charge of your life”

Swimming Is particularly useful for people who can’t establish a daily exercise routine and yet want to get in shape. Losing weight, be it for an aesthetic reason or a healthy motive, can be easy to do as long as you enjoy the physical exercise. A 30 minutes swimming session at normal speed bums around 367 calories which is more than what you would bum with a 30 minutes session of walking. cycling of even running!

For a person who is unfit, running even for 30 minutes can be a dreadful thing, thus swimming is definitely a better choice for building up muscles and stamina while still enjoying yourself. Plus there are around 18 styles of swimming, making it easy for you to find a style that you’re most comfortable with. It’s also a great exercise for pregnant women as it help maintain body shape, stamina and mobility during pregnancy and after.

Dancing Exercise to Lose Weight

Why It Is Enjoyable

Our bodies take from 30 minutes to up to 24 hours to recover from an intense workout. If you’re a beginner. try to swim in the afternoons or at the beginning of a weekend as it will give your body enough time to recover to its resting state. And once you reach a high level of swimming ability and experience, you can choose from different water activities like water Zumba, aqua-jogging, sprint work, and water aerobics. Swimming also opens up opportunities to try other exciting water-based sports like water-skiing, diving or surfing. Swimming can help you keep in shape even during your holidays, be it indoors or outdoors, without feeling the sweat of a workout session. It’s also an activity you can enjoy all year round.

Sleepy And Tired After A Swim?

Many complain of a feeling of tiredness and sleepiness after swimming. This ¡s caused by the difference between the cold temperature of the water and the warm temperature of our bodies. Water has a conduction property, thus spreading our body heat throughout the water surrounding us, making our body expand more energy in maintaining our body’s warmth, leading to feeling more tired than usual. Then once we emerge from the water, our body which ¡s a few degrees colder, encounters another difference in temperature leading to a reheating process, resulting in a sleepy feel. Here are a few tips to avoid this tiresome process.

  • Take a short run or a spinning class alter your swimming session; it will boost your energy levels and keep you alert
  • If you’re going to swim in the morning, remember – calories before and protein after. Have a piece of toast, orange juice, or sports drink before your swim and afterwards, sip your coffee throughout the morning in order to balance your energy instead of giving your body a big dose all at once
  • When you’re swimming try to always be in the moment and truly live it, free of all your daily issues, you past, your present and your future. Don’t just survive, live or shall we say just swim!

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