Science And Spirituality

Science And Spirituality

In primitive times man used to live in accordance with his needs like safety, food, family, sex, comfort and shelter. Human beings in the civilised era explored various means for a better life, safety and of course entertainment within his/her social parameters. The dimensions kept changing with time, but one thing that remained unchanged is caring about oneself. Though there may be many ways and means to keep oneself happy, there are factors which carry equal value.

The Value Of Dawn

Early morning is filled with many positive vibrations like cool temperature and peace of mind. It is a time one can set goals, concentrate and devote oneself to spiritual activities like yoga, dhyana and worship. Also, oxygen levels are at their peak and pollution at its lowest during the morning hours.

It is true that those who get up early receive invaluable energy which cannot be generated artificially. This is nature’s boon which should be harnessed with intelligence. According to the philosophy of vastu, the more we utilise early hours, the more we remain fresh and the resultant vibes will make us glow.

The Morning Sunrays

A useful mode of receiving nature’s blessings is to get up before sunrise to welcome the sun as a friend who has come with his sanctity to deliver to his loved ones. Sunrays are essential to obtain scientifically proven and religiously supported vitamin D that soothes skin, increases vision and revives the whole body, mind and soul. It is wise to realise the worth of nature’s free gift. Therefore, one can easily correlate the concept of vaidic vastu as to why east facing houses are most appreciated in vastu shastra.

Avoid Exposure To UV 3

Frequently, one comes across vastu articles where the south is not appreciated over other directions. It is believed that south is associated with ‘yama’, the God of death.

This is an ancient quote being carried by generations as it is or twisted to translate the nature of the direction, but there is scientific fact and medical evidence that too much exposure to southern sunrays between 11am to 4pm, especially in the northern zone between tropic cancer and equator may be harmful.

It may increase the risk of skin cancer, tanning effect and allergies. In tact, as per vastu, the name of Gods ruling a particular direction in the directional chart can be defined in terms of logical data like wavelengths, penetration power, intensity and chemical reactions, resulting in biological changes and metabolism.

Spirituality And Logic

Hindu mythology supports offering water to Lord Sun in the mornings, so that water flows from a copper vessel, sunrays pass through this water and falls on the human body. Water Is dispensed slowly and during that time one should look towards the sun through the water stream.

This may be believed to be some ritual or religious activity, but it works as a secondary shield to stop ultraviolet rays and cleanses the sense organs exposed to the filtered light. It is also believed that this cleanses the thoughts and purifies the inner self.

Vastu Friendly Greenery

According to the doctrine of vastu, there are certain plants and trees that have a positive impact on human beings. For example, aromatic plants are good to grow near the house. Since olden times, the basil plant (tulsi,) has been adorned as the replica of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and beauty. Similarly, other plants like aloe vera, money plant and bamboo plant are considered to be positive In vastu.

The Bel, Amla, Kanak-Champa and coconut trees are good for better vibrations. Ecological balance and environmental protection also demand these steps to save the environment. Avoid thorny plants and trees inside the house as they may be poisonous, so they should not be kept inside.

Living plants are good to nurture in and around the living area. Indoor plants are excellent to grow inside the house but avoid plants in bedrooms as they emit carbon dioxide. Walk barefoot on the grass in the mornings, especially when there are a few dew drops on the grass.

This helps increase immunity and also enhances eyesight. Therefore, all the vastu tenets can be expressed with the help of science and it is worth following when science and spirituality go hand in hand.

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