Tooth Embellishments For A Dazzling Smile

Tooth Embellishments For A Dazzling Smile

Currently. innovative ideas such as dental tattoos and tooth embellishments are catching up in India. It is one of the latest fashion trends in most metro cities among youngsters and celebrities to get tooth embellishments like crystals, diamonds and different kinds of coloured gems that can be fixed on to the tooth for a dazzling smile.

In keeping with current trends, tooth embellishments are becoming really popular. And with beautification treatments like botox, liposuctions, eyelid corrections, face lifts and wrinkle removal on the rise, tooth embellishments too have gained in popularity.

Different Embellishments

Tooth embellishments, like tooth jewellery are made up of crystals that are mounted on thin aluminium toil. At a cosmetic dentist, they are available in various colours, like blue green, red, rose white etc. These are attached on the surface of the teeth with the help of a dental adhesive. There are also dental tattoos or tooth tattoos available and these are applied to give personalized embellishments to the teeth.

These tattoos can be temporary tattoos which can be stuck to the tooth with the help of a laser or can be permanently drilled onto the tooth surface. Temporary ones are easily removable and even changed according to the changing fashion trends.

The Procedure

Cosmetic dentists do tooth embellishment procedures which may vary between Rs 3,500 to 10,000 depending on the kind of gem and colour. It’s an absolutely painless procedure and doesn’t harm the teeth. Some brands like Skyce or even Swarovski crystals which come in different designs and colours are ready to use and therefore require a very simple procedure of getting attached to the tooth.

The procedure is done on the chair and is a 15-20 minutes procedure, whereby the tooth is isolated properly and then its surface etched and cleaned. The embellishment Is then fixed with the help of dental adhesives. These enhancements are done on the upper front teeth for visibility and are also maintained well with normal regular brushing and rinsing habits.


  • Temporary dental tattoos can lead to gum inflammation and mild discomfort.
  • If a poor quality adhesive is used during tooth embellishment procedures, it can cause halitosis due to food and other debris getting trapped around the tooth jewellery allowing bacteria to collect and cause decay.
  • A regular check-up by a dentist and proper brushing habits must be followed after the procedure.

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