Strengthen Your Wrists With These Exercises

Strengthen Your Wrists With These Exercises

The wrist joint is the joint forming the proximal segment of the hand, connecting it to the distal end of the forearm. So, whenever a load is lifted, the wrist along with the rest of the upper limb bears the load. It means, the wrist carries a lot of weight.

The wrist connects the hand to the forearm and therefore performs varying functions, therefore it is imperative that we keep it strong. The wrist joint is a smaller joint in circumference and is built more on the principle that allows it to be more mobile. However, by increasing the strength of the muscles around the wrist, it’s possible to make it more stable and capable of bearing loads and jerks during heavier exercises along with the mobility.

Many think that by exercising with weights for the upper body, the wrist automatically gets stronger, but that’s only partly true, because here only the isometric strength component is involved. So, we also need to train the wrist for concentric movements or prepare ¡t for strains and loads that are required during heavier training and repetitive movements as in sport related activities. Besides this, the overall crushing strength of the hands also needs the wrists and forearms to be trained ¡n isolation.

By increasing .the strength of the muscles around the wrist,  it’s .póŠsibIetmàke it more b stab1e and Capable

Basic Yet Important Exercises

Palms Up Barbell Wrist Curl
Grip the barbell by using both of your arms and make a supinated grip. Slowly bring it up and make sure that the forearms are placed against the bench. Ensure your wrists are hanging over the edge.

Execution: Start out exercise by curling the wrist upward (flexing) and exhaling. Lower your wrist slowly back to starting position while inhaling and repeat the steps.

Wrist Roller
The wrist roller is a device designed for strengthening the wrist and forearm. It consists of a bar of varying lengths. with a cord or rope attached which the user rolls and unrolls. This is resisted by the weight of a mass at the bottom of the cord.

Execution: Grasp the bar by making an overhand grip towards each end of it. You need to roll the rope around the stick attached to it only by using the wrist and forearm and continue until the weight attached to another side reaches the stick. Then roll it off from the stick and continue until it reaches the starting position. The wrist roller is the most important wrist exercise. It’s the main exercise for strengthening the wrist.

Dumbbell Wrist Curl
This is the same position and execution as the barbell curls and both flexion and extension of the wrist can be done with it. However, since we use the dumbbell here, we do each wrist separately.

Plate Extension Of The Wrist
With the same pinch grip, wrist extension by reverse curling the wrist can be performed simultaneously training the wrist for pinch grip and extensor strength of the wrist and forearm.

Stretching Exercises For The Wrist
Like for any other body part. the wrist must also be stretched regularly to maintain the normal joint mobility and flexibility, It helps to relax tense tissues that may develop after exercises.


The wrist is anatomically, a smaller joint of the body which makes it weak and vulnerable to injury, but some care can be taken by performing a few basic exercises, such as the ones mentioned here, to help keep the wrist protected, strong and more capable

Simple Stretches

Namaste Stretch
Start the exercise by keeping both palms together in front of your chest. Lower them slowly and continue until the forearm makes a straight line. Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat two to three times.

Wrist Flexor Stretch
Extend one of your arms and keep the palm facing up. Without turning the arm, point your hand towards the floor only by bending the wrist. Now, gently apply pressure using your other hand and make it feel a moderate stretch. After holding for thirty seconds, repeat the process with the opposite arm.

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