Can You See Yourself From Outside?

Can You See Yourself From Outside?

“Even without any scientific gadgets, there are many ways to trick the human mind”

Are there techniques to achieve that level of human intelligence that you can observe yourself from outside? I must tell you my experience of this. I do not subject myself to such indignities anymore, but many years ago, it so happened that I was at some institute in India, and they wanted to measure the gamma waves in my brain.

Diagnosis With Meditation

I was asked to meditate. I said, “I don’t know any meditation.” They said, “But you teach meditation to everyone.” I said, “Yes, because people don’t know how to simply sit still, we teach them methods to do so. If you want, I will sit still.” They placed some 14 electrodes on me and I simply sat there.

After maybe 15 to 20 minutes, they started hitting my knee with some metallic object. I thought, it’s a part of their experiment and continued to sit there. Then they started hitting my ankle bone – a very painful place. I still thought. okay, it’s their experiment, but it became very persistent and extremely painful.

I slowly opened my eyes. They were all giving me a weird look. I said, “Did I do something wrong?” They said, “According to our instruments, you are dead.” I said, “That’s a great diagnosis.” Then they said, “You are either dead, or you are brain-dead.” I said, “That’s too insulting. Ill take the first diagnosis. If you give me a certificate that I am dead, I can live with that. If you give me a certificate that I am brain-dead – that’s not a good thing.”

Why The Human System Is Superior

I am stating this because all instruments created by human beings are lesser instruments than the human system itself! A telephone can transmit the spoken word over longer distances than a human being can. A bicycle can go faster than we can run; a motorcycle can go even faster, an aircraft can fly. That means in terms of a particular action, they may be better than us. But in terms of sophistication, they are all lesser instruments.

They cannot be more sophisticated than a human being, because we cannot create something more sophisticated than ourselves. Therefore, the use of measuring instruments is limited. You can easily fool the brain – there are many techniques in yoga to do this. Even without any scientific gadgets. there are many ways to trick the human mind.

The magicians of the world have mastered these tricks. They can pick things out of your pocket without you knowing what is happening to you. That apart, in terms of fundamental sophistication, there is nothing more sophisticated than the human system. This is the gadget and the only way for you to experience the world.

You Experience Everything Within Yourself

Let’s look at how you experience the world right now. All can see me. If you were to point out where I am, you would point towards the dais, where I sit. But you’ve got it all wrong. Light falls upon me, gets reflected and creates an inverted image in your retina – you know all that. You see me within yourself. You hear me within yourself. Whatever you have seen of the world, you have seen within yourself. Everything that ever happened to you, happened only within you.

If someone touches your hand, you think you feel their hand, but actually. you only experience the sensations in your own hand. If for example, you make someone touch your hand five times, you will observe that subsequently, without anyone touching you, without the person being with you, you can create the same sensation within you. You can either create sensations with external stimuli, or you can internally manufacture whatever you want.

Life Is A True Dream

To some extent, every individual is creating several experiences without the presence of external stimuli and in a variety of way. If it goes beyond control, we consider it as mental disease. But everyone is doing this to some extent. While you are in a dream, it is as true as reality.

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