Eat chocolate All day and lose half a stone in two weeks

The Chocolate Diet

Who doesn’t crave chocolate? Almost everyone likes chocolate and to go on a chocolate diet is one of the most satisfying diet plans for chocolate lovers. You wouldn’t need to restrict yourself anymore from the cravings of the velvety texture that melts in your mouth and what’s more, you can also shed a few kilos! This Diet allows you the freedom to consume your desired foods whereas other diets control what you eat.

All you need to do is enjoy the food and lose weight simultaneously, ills indeed a dream come true diet plan. The type of chocolate we are talking about here is dark chocolate, since it is very nutritious and rich in minerals and antioxidants. Avoid the other chocolate which has a high amount of sugar content. Dark chocolate is one of the most effective aids to weight management as it contains a nutrient called polyphenol which helps in keeping a control over the appetite and regulates how the body stores fats.

When choosing dark chocolate for your diet, keep in mind, the darker the chocolate, the lesser the
amount of sugar it contains. The chocolate diet plan will not keep you hungry, because it allows you to eat proper food and you will be eating five to six meals a day. Given below is a simple diet plan.

  • One main meal, you can opt for making one meal important, it could be either lunch or dinner (a proper normal meal)
  • Two meals as snacks.
  • Two other meals as chocolate meals, these will be completely chocolate meals.
  • One meal as a chocolate treat, probably after dinner.

In this diet plan, only two meals are wholly chocolate meals and the remaining four meals are normal meals. You can eat food of your own choice but avoid foods which have a high amount of saturated fatty acids and sugar content like dairy products, deep fried meats, carbonated drinks, etc. If you make a healthy choice the results will be satisfactory.

Although dark chocolates have numerous health benefits like improving the blood flow in the body, maintaining blood pressure, enhancing brain function and improving the overall metabolism of the body, it also has its own adverse effects if it is not consumed in the right manner. Basically, one should avoid the regular practise of this diet plan as it is a fad diet. Negating these aspects, t is one of the most satisfying weight loss diet plans one can follow.

Since what you eat signifies who you are, always prefer healthy eating choices and stay away from fad diets. Though they may help you for a while, in the long run, they have adverse effects on your body. So, beware of what you eat.

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