Rejuvenate Yourself | Self Care Techniques To Rejuvenate And Restore Yourself

Rejuvenate Yourself

The number one problem we face is with the conservative definition of health mainly defined as absence of diseases. Let’s look at this from a broader spectrum by changing the focus from survival health (absence of disease) to optimal health, whereby the body is as healthy as possible and not merely alive.

The Principles Of Optimal Health

  • A positive self-image (adequate self-esteem)
  • A diet free from toxic foods that supplies optimal levels of nutrients (diet comprising of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, essential fats, vitamins and water)
  • Clean air, adequate sunshine and pure water
  • Adequate exercise (aerobic and anaerobic) and rest With fast lifestyles comes the consumption of toxic foods, an unhealthy environment (pollution) and stress. Here are a few quick fixes to keep ¡n mind.
  • Hydrate – Water can help flush fluids and food through your system faster. If bloating is due to consuming too much sodium, the water will flush the salt through your body faster. Also reduce your sodium intake for the next few days.
  • Go Low On Salt-Too much sodium retains water in the body. Also, foods eaten during any festive season are high in sodium and cause bloating. Salt can be replaced with spices like black pepper, chillies and herbs like basil, celery, parsley. oregano and condiments like vinegar and mustard.
  • Avoid Starchy Carbohydrates – Starchy carbohydrates are high in sugar and need to be avoided or replaced by complex carbohydrates to avoid sluggishness and fatigue.
  • Give Your Body Fresh Fruits – The fruits should be low GI fruits like apples, pears, oranges and papayas in the first half of the day and raw vegetables and vegetable juices in the second half.
  • Consume Natural Diuretics — These include parsley, asparagus and dandelion tea to relieve water retention in the body.
  • Eat Yogurt – It is probiotic in nature and enhances digestive health and improves absorption in the gut and thus reduces bloating.
  • Exercise – Indulging in high sugar foods and irregular O Exercise – Indulging in high sugar foods and irregular exercise can make you feel lethargic and unfit. Regular exercise consisting of aerobic and anaerobic training is ideal.
  • Get Good Sleep – Late nights can cause mood swings the next day, leading to sluggishness. Give a good amount of rest to the body along with good nutritious foods and plenty of water to rejuvenate.

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