Freedom from Addiction With Yoga

Freedom from Addiction With Yoga

When dealing with people who are struggling with addiction, the most important thing would be to establish a sense of responsibility for their own lives and to show them better options, otherwise, you will not get them off alcohol and drugs as addiction is the biggest experience in their lives. You have to show them something better. And if you teach people a way to experience something better than what they have known so far, they will find the strength to give up their addictions.

If you look into my eyes, I am always ‘stoned,’ though I have never touched a substance in my lite. Everyone can be ‘stoned’ ¡n such a way all the time. It does not cost anything, neither money nor health. If you want, you can be super-alert, so alert, you do not even have to sleep for days and nights. Unless you teach addicts something better, they are not going to give up what they have found. It may damage the body, but they feel they have a bigger experience than people who work through the day, come back home, eat, sleep and go back to work again. They think that ¡s rubbish and what they are doing is better.

When they become helpless, when they break, you may look down upon them, but when they are high, they are looking down upon you. If they did not think it is better than whatever else is available around, they would not do it. In their perspective, it is good. Only when things go bad, when the body is broken, they come to you. We ought to otter something that is more powerful than any drug and which leads to everyone’s wellbeing.

Recent research into the human brain has yielded some incredible results. An Israeli scientist spent several years researching certain aspects of the human brain and he found there are millions of cannabis receptors in the brain! Then neurologists discovered that at different times of the day, ¡f you closely observe the system and what happens with the brain chemistry, the body develops its own cannabis which satisfy the receptors in the brain. If a person is in a certain state of bliss or ecstasy, these chemicals are produced. which the brain is constantly waiting for. Even your brain is waiting for you to be blissful — millions of cannabis receptors are waiting, not for you to smoke or drink or do drugs, but for you to become ecstatic.

When this chemical which goes towards the receptors was found, there was no name for it. scientist had the freedom to name this newly found chemical. He wanted to give it a name which would be truly relevant. When he researched the Indian scriptures, to his amazement, he found that the Indian scriptures are the only scriptures which talk about blissfulness. No other religion on the planet talks about bliss. Religions talk about sin, fear, guilt, and punishment. But no other religion talks about being blissful. Therefore, the scientist decided to call this chemical, which moves towards the cannabis receptors, Anandamide.

So, all you have to do is produce a little bit of Anandamide because there ¡s a whole marijuana garden inside! If you cultivate it properly, you can be stoned all the time, but your mental capabilities will not shrink To remain calm, to remain in an extreme sense of pleasure all the time, is available to every human being if he/she just explores his/her own system a little more. The science of yoga gives this pleasure to all.

Yogis are not against pleasure. It is just that they are unwilling to settle for little pleasures. They are greedy. They know if you drink a glass of wine, it just gets you a little high and then the next morning you get a headache. They are not willing to go for this. They prefer to be totally ‘drunk’ all the time but hundred percent stable and alert, because you must be alert to enjoy the intoxication. And nature has given you this possibility.

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