Trendy Tips To Ace Party Make-up

Trendy Tips To Ace Party Make-up

“The eyes are hogging the limelight this season and glitter is trending, as it draws attention to your peepers and makes them look bigger!”

Getting ready for parties does involve some amount of experimentation while still being loyal to the occasion at hand. And though you may have your own definition of glamorous party make-up, it’s a good idea to go by the book, keeping the changing trends In mind. Here are some helpful tips for you to ace your party look!

Start With The Basics

No prizes for guessing how it should all begin. Start with your face primer, foundation and concealer. Next in line is the eye primer for your eyelids. Apply it and let it set for a few minutes. Follow this regime by applying translucent powder all over your eyelids, from the lash line to the brow bone. The powder helps make blending easier, as you go about applying layers on the top.

In order to know how far to go with your eye shadow, you can begin with applying a matte taupe or any colour closest to your skin tone. Stroke it into the crease and blend it outwards. Now repeat the same along your lower lash line, This acts as an exemplar to know how much of shadow needs to be applied.

Get Glittery And Winged Eyes

The eyes are hogging the limelight this season and glitter is trending, as it draws attention to your peepers and makes them look bigger! Your eyes can also act as a showstopper. Choose between gold, silver or any other colour which acts in contrast to the crease line to make your eyes striking. Follow-up with winged eyeliner. To get it right, cut out a piece of cello tape and stick it to the outer end of your upper lash line in a slightly elevated manner. This acts as a stencil for you to apply your liner to get the winged look.

For those who are a wee bit bolder, stick fake lashes on both your upper and lower lash lines for a dramatic effect! For your brows, you could go with a stencil that resembles the shape of your eyebrow and airbrush it with the colour that matches your original brows to get thicker and defined brows that will surely turn many heads!

Highlight And Contour Your Cheeks

The focal point is really the eye and a lot is done to adorn it. However, it’s best to go easy on your cheeks. It is better not do much to the cheeks except highlighting and contouring. You could apply a highlighter down the bridge of your nose and some on your cheekbones. This way the balance is maintained and so is the contrast which is important, as the eyes are dazzling so the cheeks need to be subtle and natural for the desired look.

Opt For The Ombre Effect

For the lips, it should either be absolutely nude lips or deep, dark vintage colours which are in vogue for an evening out or a cocktail party. In case you decide to go with nude lips, you can try experimenting with the ombre effect, which is a gradation of colour which progresses from lightest to the darkest, beginning at the centre of the mouth. This effect is usually created by using a darker shade lip pencil to get fuller lips. The ombre effect is quite popular amongst models on the runways but it is now fast becoming fashionable for parties as well.

Try These Party Hairdos

There are also certain hairstyles you can sport with aplomb at cocktail parties. Give your hair a sexy side part by using a curling iron to curl your hair that will lend a messy look. Alternatively you could also go with side ponies. Wear your pony with a side part along with side bangs to cover part of your face.

You could also try the glamourous ballerina bun. For this, pull back your hair into a low pony tail leaving a section at the bottom, secure the bun with the rubber band and wind the loose hair over the bun to hide the elastic band. If you are the kind who just wants to let your hair down, attach a sparkly clip or a hair accessory onto your side part to flaunt an elegant look.

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