Towards A Fairer You

Towards A Fairer You

There are a multitude of treatments available today that can help people get that glowing skin tone that is the envy of most. And a lighter complexion can sometimes be the answer for many to gain self-confidence to face life and all the packaged hurdles that might come in the way. Listed here are a few commercially available treatments for skin whitening that could change the direction of one’s life.


This treatment uses liquid nitrogen to react with the melanin content in skin to make it rise up to the surface and peel oft, leading to the production of lighter skin in a few days time. This treatment is considered safe with very few side effects such as pain, blister formation and headaches. The best part is that these effects can only last a few days and the result is a new you with glowing skin.

Laser Whitening Treatments

This method cannot be utilized by people with innate dark skin as it might lead to adverse health effects The treatment can vary from ablative and non-ablative procedures and can have very positive results in hyper pigmentation conditions. Even so, this procedure is more widely used in treating acne and scars than skin whitening, despite Its effectiveness.

Topical Skin Whitening Treatments

Hydroquinone, kojic, mequinol and azelaic acids are substances used by dermatologists for skin whitening. These substances effectively inhibit the production of melanin in the skin and thus lead to a lighter skin tone. Not only are these methods extremely sate but can also guarantee results that can make everyone happy. This method is also particularly important in retaining skin tones that have been lost due to being conditioned to extreme weather conditions.

Combination Treatments

Melanin inhibiting lotions and gels are used initially on the skin during this process. After analysing how the skin reacts to these specific treatments, either lasers or chemical peels are introduced to the skin as difterent skin tones react to these treatments differently. This treatment is eflective because not only is melanin synthesized, it becomes naturally exfoliated that less and less melanin ends up coming to the surface of the skin, leading to a lighter skin tone.

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