The True Meaning Of Freedom

The True Meaning Of Freedom

When one is growing up, freedom means the ability to do what you want, whether it is driving, going out with friends or smoking. A lot of youngsters start smoking not because they like tobacco but because it gives them a sense of being free, that they are not bound by their parents. This is the way they feel when they can smoke in front of everyone. Initially, they were smoking behind the bushes, but now suddenly at 16 or 18 when they can smoke in public, it ¡s assumed as great freedom.

But this comes without the necessary understanding that tobacco is a huge bondage, which you carry as your freedom, And every little thing can be like this. If you pay close attention, you will see what is binding you, are your likes and dislikes. You always thought freedom means doing what you like. But it you give it some thought, it is not so. Going to some place you like is one thing, but if you have a compulsive urge to go and settle down in one place – that is bondage.

Freedom means there is nothing compulsive in your life. Whether the compulsions are from inside or outside, any compulsion is bondage. One who transforms himself beyond his compulsions is a free person, not one who is enslaved by them. Doing whatever you please is not freedom. Being able to do whatever is needed, joyfully without any struggle from within is freedom. The attitude of, l will only do what I want to do’ is definitely not freedom. That is the first step towards bondage. Any young person will definitely value a method to become free from everything. The youth do not want to be controlled, they want to be liberated.

When we say youth, we are talking about humanity in the making. It is always the youth of the world who have more aspiration to seek. When a person is youthful, he is willing to venture in to dimensions which are not yet, which means the youth are natural seekers. When there is such a longing and if they have not turned to spiritual seeking, it is the failure of the spiritual leadership for not having made the spiritual process attractive enough for them. The most important thing is to make spiritual seeking as it really is – a scientific process of wanting to know life in deeper dimensions than we know right now.

This fundamental dimension necessary for seeking should be inculcated right from one’s childhood, so that we they do not assume and believe things. I do not know.’ ¡s a tremendous there is a huge opportunity to explore. Human intelligence will be committed to this exploration only when a person realizes they really do not know. Whether you are a theist or an atheist, what it means is that you are not willing to admit that you do not know. You neither have the courage nor the commitment to seek the truth.

The highest entity is mukti, which means freedom or liberation. When we talk about liberation and freedom, there is not a single young person who is not interested in this. He may interpret his freedom and liberation in his own context, but the youth is always for liberation. That means youth is in support of mukti and for the spiritual process, because it is about exploring how to become free.

The highest dimension of our life is freedom and it is not a modern idea as people think, it is. The most ancient cultures on the planet have always cherished freedom as the highest goal. India has witnessed the greatest experiment on this planet, to see how to make a whole nation turn to a spiritual process and to use every aspect of life as a possibility for one’s ultimate liberation.

Once you are born in this land you may do many things. You may pursue your education, start a family, set up a business or whatever else, but essentially all these are only seen as stepping stones for your ultimate liberation. Mukti is your only goal. This is a nation and culture which matured in this possibility that the whole population grew with a single aspiration of ultimate liberation. Even God, is just a stepping stone towards a person’s mukti – that is how it has been seen.

Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic and visionary, and a prominent spiritual leader. An author, poet, and internationally-renowned speaker, Sadhgurus wit and piercing logic provoke and widen our perception of life.

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