Living The College Dream

Living The College Dream

You may be having a preconceived notion of college, based on the many movies you have watched. This, may have given you an idea of how much fun, this lite can be. Your cousins upload fun pictures on Facebook and this, further affirms how awesome college life is going to be. But it would be wise to know that the moment you enter college, nothing is going to be as rosy as it seems and you may just start to question the fun picture’ you had of college.

Finding Yourself

You will be meeting a lot of people for the first time and you won’t even remember their names. Some of them will really be fun people and with some you will just want to end the conversation and run to your room.

The first month will be spent admiring people and trying to fit in. You will go around with multiple groups of people and in the end realize that you were the best company for yourself all along. You will try to copy people’s accents, their lifestyles and even their clothes till you realise what you’re comfortable sporting.

Succumbing To Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is the most significant part of college life. You understand that to become ‘cool,’ you have to fit in. You will try to copy your friends in whatever they do, just to belong to the group but may just land up feeling empty. But after one semester, you will look back at yourself and see the kind of people who influenced you and you will laugh at your stupidity. However, peer pressure is a necessary evil, as we gain greater understanding about life, habits and people. The good thing is, when you realize that you’re being influenced by your peers, you can effectively fight it. Awareness is the key to understanding this.

Opposites Attract

The opposite sex will suddenly appeal to you. This is a crucial phase because you will really be interested in the opposite sex as you’re a hormone charged teenager. Your understanding of the opposite sex will grows when you communicate with them and realize that they’re humans too. You may feel affectionate towards them too. However. don’t get all lovey-dovey because you may encounter terrible break-ups and even more terrible people. Your vulnerability might get exploited, and this may turn you into a recluse for months. So, be prepared for some drama in your relationships.

When Responsibility Hits You

So, you’re at college and your parents can’t control you now. So, you go around having fun, getting back to your room during the early parts of the morning. The next day, you wake up and realize that you spent all the money buying pizza. You call your mom for money and its Sunday and the bank is closed. You ask your friends to loan you some cash and they look at you with an expression of ‘are you kidding me?’ Consequently, you spend the whole day eating biscuits and drinking water. The crux of the matter here is, you become responsible for your actions.

You will plan all your days keeping in mind the money you have. You will clean your room because there is no maid to do it for you and you put on deodorant because it makes you smell good. In other words, you look after yourself. This is just a piece of closeted enlightenment that comes from finding your own and discovering yourself while quietly staring at others.

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