India’s Top 10 Fruit Picking Destinations For the Perfect Family Vacation

When children get summer holidays, we always end up going on vacation to the hotel by driving for hours in the car, train, or something, but why don’t you try new this time?

Just try to go for fruit picking, so that you can tell your children about farming as today’s children is not knowing how the fruits and vegetables come from.

You can go from north to south or east to west there are many fruit orchards, you can go to your nearest fruit orchard and enjoy!!

Look into the article below, to see the list of famous fruit orchards along with the best season is provided.

Strawberries in Karnataka

If you are a person who is in and around Bengaluru, Marathi palya for strawberry farming is good.

  • The best season for strawberries is from November to March.
  • And even coming to the strawberry farming is quite new to the farmers in Karnataka.
  • As there will not be any strawberry farming the demand for the strawberries is also high.

Chickoos and Mangoes in Maharashtra

In Maharastra, Golvad and Dahanu are the two places that are famous for chickoos which are called sapodillas. And there are many versions of how these chickoos and mangoes arrived in these regions. Look into one of the stories below.

  • Among many stories, one of the stories is that Seth Dinshaw Petit was the first person who bought chickoo sapling from Central America.
  • Not only Chickoo, Maharashtra is also home to delicious Alphonso Mango, and there are many farms like Farm of Happiness, an agro-tourism farm, and even you can go to organic farming so that you can learn how lucrative mango move from to fork.
  • The season to visit these farms is from December to March.

Pineapples in Manipur

When you think of Manipur, most of you think about beautiful farms of pineapple, and also it is one of the leading pineapple producers.

  • Pineapple festivals are hosted by Churchandpur, in late August and in the first week of September.
  • Thaiyong is a village that has many pineapple farms, in other words, we can say it is home to many pineapple farms.

Plums, Peaches, and Apricots in Uttarakhand

Have you heard of the name “Fruit Bowl of Kumaon”? If not then check out the below points to know about it along with the orchards of plums, peaches, and Apricots.

  • There is a place named Ramgarh in Uttarakhand is the place where you can find all the plums, peaches, and Apricots Orchards.
  • And that Ramgarh is also called the “ Fruit Bowl of Kumaon”.
  • If you are a resident of Delhi and looking for the best fruit farms, then this is the best place.
  • As they have homestays in orchards, you can not only stay along with it you can enjoy the fresh harvest.
  • May to August is the best time to visit those farms.

Lychees in Bihar

Know about the aromatic and delicious lychee farms in the below points.

  • Lychees in Bihar are the shahi lychees which have a maximum amount of pulp and are exported all around the world.
  • These lychees are the specialty of Muzaffarpur, the lyche kingdom of India.
  • You can harvest these fruits, from different varieties of orchards in the districts of Champaran, samastipur, Begusarai, and others.
  • You can go to these fruit farms of lychee in Bihar between May to June.

Key Outcomes

Hope that the information we have shared above on the top 5 Fruit Picking Destinations for the perfect family vacation is helpful for you to plan to your nearest fruit farm. Go to those farms along with your children, and help them to learn how fruits will grow.

Even enjoy your fresh farm fruits that were harvested with your own hands.

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