The Reverse Effect Of Cosmetics

The Reverse Effect Of Cosmetics

New cosmetic brands or products are launched daily in the market, because in this image driven society, make-up and cosmetics help to enhance ones looks and beauty. They all play on the desire to look more beautiful! However, the chemical components included in these products may cost you your health as you may not be aware of its numerous side effects.

Skin Reactions

Acute Allergic Reaction
Exposure to any new cosmetics is easily recognizable when the skin becomes inflamed or red or develops oozy rashes when it comes in contact with it. These conditions are commonly seen in the case of hair dyes and the infection is predictable within twenty four to forty eight hours of use.

Chronic Allergy
It can be of varied types and the person’s ignorance may keep it hidden. The signs may include the following:

  • A burning sensation following the use of the cosmetic.
  • Fine scaling on the face at the end of the day.
  • Chronic pimple like eruptions that don’t respond to treatment.
  • Formation of acne.
  • Pigmentation and darkening of the skin.

Causes Of Cosmetic Allergies

  • One or more chemical component in the product may be allergic to your skin
  • The product may have expired or is too old to use
  • The product is too thick, blocking pores and causing pimple formation
  • Its photosensitive effect makes your skin sensitive to sunlight and causes pigmentation

Tackling Cosmetic Reactions

  • If you are afflicted with chronic cosmetic allergies, a prescribed steroid cream can be used for a few days to get relief.
  • Once it subsides, give it a break of two weeks to heal the hypersensitive nature of your skin.
  • Use one cosmetic at a time to know which one is causing the infection.
  • If allergic symptoms are complex or you are unable to find the allergen it’s better to consult a doctor for appropriate treatment and advice.

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Branded Vs Ordinary

  • Choose branded products and avoid using ordinary cosmetic products as branded ones go through a good testing schedule and are likely to use hypoallergenic substances.
  • Buy only those products that suit your skin type as it will ward oil infections.
  • Check for the hypoallergenic label on a product before purchasing it. These products are relatively safe to use and thus minimize the chance of infection.
  • Products with fewer ingredients are less likely to cause cross reactivity, so choose them.

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