Spruce Up Instructions For Men

Spruce Up Instructions For Men

“It would be appropriate to describe grooming in terms of spiritual, mental and physical spurcing up.”

In the days gone by, grooming was only the prerogative of men about to be married. Of late, the multiple advantages of grooming has resulted in its adoption by males in general. It would therefore be appropriate to describe it in terms of spiritual, mental and physical sprucing up.

Medical practitioners are increasingly realizing the importance of spirituality in maintaining a balanced body. Positive thinking, purity of thoughts and a belief in what is happening is all for the best. Medical literature is replete with cases where there has been spiritual healing when combined with medical therapy. Even cases of advanced cancer can be prolonged, the assumption being that there is an increase in immunity.

It is all about self-belief and a positive approach to life. There are training classes that teach everything right from table manners to character building.

This aspect involves taking care of one’s nails, hair and skin. Apart from taking care to cut them regularly, it is important to note any change of texture or colour. Thus, a change of colour or brittle nails typically occurs with calcium deficiency.

Pale nail beds may be due to low haemoglobin. Discoloured nails are seen in fungal infections. Similarly, changes in hair texture or excessive hair loss may be due to protein and micro-nutrient deficiency.

Accordingly, hair problems may be warning signs of a dietary imbalance. Recognition of the same and prompt correction may prevent serious diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys.

Hair Care Routine for Men

Skin smoothness and elasticity is another important aspect of male grooming. When skin becomes rough and starts losing its elasticity it is time to take notice. The human body produces a lot of toxic products. One such product is nascent oxygen also known as oxidant.

Normally, the body produces enough anti-oxidants to take care of these toxic oxidants and there is a fine balance between production and degradation of oxidants. But the occurrence of some diseases creates imbalances in the production of anti-oxidants and this makes the skin look rough. It you notice such changes its best you consult a doctor.

Also, it the moles on your skin start increasing rapidly in size, don’t ignore t. It may be a sign of skin cancer known as melanoma. Keep in mind, being aware of changes in the body and taking preventive and curative measures will go a long way in avoiding sickness.

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