The Art Of Body Piercing

The Art Of Body Piercing

Getting the body pierced, may have become widely popular among the youth in the last few years. but the practice of body piercing has been a part of different cultures for centuries. In Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the practice of decorating bodies with piercing was quite prevalent, but this tradition has now transformed into a fashion statement whereby both men and women get multiple piercings done on their body to look different and proclaim their individuality.

The tribal people belonging to small islands in the Pacific, had many facial piercings on their nose, cheeks, ears, lips, navel and even throat. It is interesting to know that this was done to show their value in the community, or because they thought it defended them from evils.

The Jewellery

Body piercing jewellery comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the basic types of body piercing jewellery include captive bead rings, plugs, barbells, navel rings, spirals. pinchers and eyelets.

Nose and ear piercing is an old tradition in India and very common in many countries. But, today’s generation is more adventurous and loves to experiment. So, they are ready to ignore the pain of punching holes in their bodies, skin or cartilage to decorate it with piercings. While tongue, eyebrow, or lip piercings are popular among men, septum and navel are the most preferred areas for women.

Earrings And Nose Rings

Wearing multiple earrings in one earlobe is the latest fashion trend for women and is often seen among female celebrities. The number of earrings that can be worn on a single ear ranges from two to seven and even ten in some cases. Among boys, wearing one earring in one earlobe is considered trendy. Apart from this, a diamond nose ring is a popular option for girls, which gained popularity after it was flaunted by many famous young women.

Navel Rings

The most popular body piercing jewellery among women is the navel ornament. These are fashion accessories that accentuate the belly button, Navel rings became popular in the early 90’s when celebrities began showing them off at several fashion events. The traditional way of wearing a navel ring is by piercing the upper rim of the belly button. However, many prefer the lower rim or the centre of the outer navel.

It is not uncommon to see a young woman displaying her midriff pierced with bent barbells, or dangling navel rings. Navel adornments are available in a variety of designs, colours and materials. Currently, navel rings with colour changing flashers are extremely popular. Choosing the right navel ring depends on the skin’s sensitivity to metals. If you don’t have sensitive skin, you can opt for a gold navel ring or a sterling silver one for a more glamorous look.

While tongue, eyebrow, or lip piercings are popular among men, septum and navel are the most preferred areas for women

Lip And Tongue Rings

Up and tongue rings are the other body piercing jewelry that is popular with the youth. Generally preferred by boys, these lift up the face in a jiffy. A tongue piercing is done directly through the centre of the tongue and is only visible when you talk. Moreover, a person with a lip ring is presumed to be daring and outspoken. Labret studs and Bioplast labrets have been greatly used to decorate the lips and nowadays, many youngsters are ready to be adventurous with the latest fashion trends and are willing to get even two tongue piercings done, horizontally known as ‘venom’ piercings.

Eyebrow Rings

Eyebrow piercings are by far the most popular type of piercing among men. Eyebrow studs and rings are worn to enhance their appearance. However, while getting these done, it is important ç to make sure that the jewelry is pierced as deeply as possible, so that it does not get loose and slip off.

The Different Materials

Body piercing jewelry can be made with different materials and traditionally, gold and silver are used, but now other substances such as glass, metals, wood, stone, silicone, plastics, tusks and even porcelain, are also being used. The adornments are studded with diamonds, colorful beads, multi-coloured gemstones, and other precious and semi-precious gemstones. However, every substance has different grades and qualities. Therefore, before wearing any of these types of jewelry it is advised to take an allergy test. Also, it is suggested that all the materials be sterilized before use.

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