Living In Harmony With Nature

Living In Harmony With Nature

The theory of the five elements is very special in vastu shastra. Interestingly, nature has knitted everything together so nicely that each factor is interconnected with the other. Minor imbalances when they occur, result in untoward situations. As human beings. we try to create the best means for fulfilling our daily needs, but leading a comfortable life needs some thinking. analysing and of course concern towards each other. But this does not happen often in many cases.

With a desire to grow financially and socially, luxury takes over necessity and soon we start defining luxury in terms of necessities and our personal preference overpowers other social factors. This can transform a man into a self-centred or self-concerned creature. For example, modern lifestyle is incomplete without advanced means of enjoying luxury and this often leads to the exploitation of nature.

The sum total of such situations becomes a major aftermath. The environment and climate are becoming moe and more uncertain and the whole world is witnessing devastation in one or the other part of the globe. Vastu defines this devastation in terms of ‘imbalance of five great elements,’ called panch mahabhootas.

Balancing The Five Elements

The creation consists of countless factors which together form the perfect conditions for birth, survival and existence of human beings on earth. These factors include minerals, gases and heat from the sun, water, light, colours, vegetation and certainly man. Vaidic vastu shastra defines it in terms of water, fire, air, earth and space. These are the constituents of nature, man and other creatures, the key that ensures natural balance.

Nature has also created a system of auto-balancing so that everything carries on smoothly, unless someone interferes with it. The human life cycle. the water cycle and the cycle of the earth system are big examples of natural balancing. These were not manmade and no one can create such cycles themselves. It is because of this. that every kind of natural balance goes on forever. And the proper maintenance of this phenomenon ensures good quality of life.

Unbalancing The Elements

If any of the elements are disturbed, the other elements are disturbed automatically. Human beings have learnt to only concern themselves about their comforts. Most of the time, they are ignorant about the repercussions of such unbalancing deeds. The resultant impact does not affect man, but the collective distortion hampers nature s cycles.

While one generation or dass of society can utilise the best available technology, another class may be victimised because of it. For example, overheating by air conditioners, unwanted lighting systems, uncontrolled industrialisation, high-rise concrete buildings, excess use of reflective glasses, mechanical means of power generation, industrial waste etc. are numerous factors which play a big role in unbalancing the five elements.

Result Of Imbalance

Though a short-term result of the imbalance may not seem so disastrous but the long-term impact of these are horrifying! The extreme of such balancing is beyond imagination. Today, we see nature’s turmoil turning life upside down. The whole world is extremely worried at this juncture and world summits are being organised to curb such situations. This is really the eleventh hour to be alert to natural imbalances, otherwise man will soon see the end of his days.

With a desire to grow financially and socially, luxury takes over necessity and soon we start defining luxury in terms of necessities and our personal preference overpowers other social factors. This can transform a man into a self-centred or self-concerned creature

Environmentalists have been warning the world about these terrible factors for the last few decades and it is high time the world takes them seriously. Human beings may soon witness their end if we do not wake up and take action. Therefore, most of the developed countries have accepted that the modern life style, industrialisation, apathetical human attitude and other economical factors may lead to devastating situations.

Unpredictable raintalls, climate change, tornadoes, earth quakes, eruptions of volcanoes, sudden floods, excess climate temperature, excessive snow fall, draughts and other such calamities during the last few decades, are nature’s way of responding to these imbalances.

Controlling The Five Elements

Whenever there is a question in our mind, most of the time the answer also rests there. Similarly, we have woken up to contemplate the causes and results of man drafted re-definition of modem life. The simplest way to overcome such situations is to study and analyse the basic fundamentals of the Theory of balancing of the five great elements’ defined in vastu science.

The answer is utilising the natural recourses. Direct utilisation of natural energy sources can be harnessed diligently. This will definitely discourage the exploitation of natural resources. Generation or processing of any energy through heavy machines is defined as a deliberate action to achieve desired targets with ignorance. This should be stopped immediately o nature will find a way to retaliate.

Harnessing sunlight for power generation, using the sunrays for cooking, utilizing hydro energy and wind energy – these are the core means to ensure that we live long, healthy and happy lives without disturbing nature’s sanctity and value. Live and let live has to be the motive. And this reiterates the true definition of vastu, which is, nothing but living in harmony with nature.

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