New Age Facials

New Age Facials

Technology has certainly made our life faster and better. And as it barges into every sphere of our life, beauty is not left far behind. The new age facials boast of active ingredients like collagen, Q10 and AHA that are penetrated into the deepest layers of the skin, using some latest equipment which provide results that are simply fast and fabulous!

However, one indeed has to amalgamate science and nature to derive the best from any beauty service.So, while choosing ingredients for any beauty treatments, ensure that it isn’t completely ‘chemical’ in nature.

AHA Treatment
AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are fruit extracts that remove dead and worn out cells. These natural extracts are one of the most potent defoliators and regenerators of skin cells. Hence, this facial, removes all traces of dead skin layers, exposing fresh and young skin underneath helping the skin to remain young and glowing forever.

This technique is absolutely sate, using laser and ultrasonic devices to infuse AHA creams into deeper layers of the skin for quicker, surer and faster results.

Q10 Treatment
Q10 is a natural co-enzyme present in our body that provides 95 per cent of the energy we use. This treatment process involves the usage of products that are rich in Q10. These products are penetrated deep into the skin by machines ensuring that all the nourishing agents work wonders for it, thereby achieving the best results. It repairs the skin internally by making it glow externally.

“The new age facials boast of active ingredients like collagen, Q10 and AHA that are penetrated into the deepest layers of the skin, using some latest equipment”

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RRR Treatment
This is regarded as a successful skin treatment that regulates skin ageing. The three ‘Rs imply rehydration, regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. The loss of elasticity and sagging of the skin can be tackled with RRR facials and this could be a good option for those who are looking to do away with the early signs of ageing.

The nourishing elements used in this treatment boost collagen producing capabilities of the skin cells and helps one look younger. Here, a micro massager is used to uplift the skin and it makes the sagging skin, firm. At the end, a ‘young- skin’ mask that contains 95 per cent collagen. is applied on the skin to rehydrate it and help improve firmness and flexibility.

Not Mere Facials

The common factor present in all the facial treatments is that they all seem to boost the level of collagen production in the skin cells. This, eventually makes way for better elasticity and suppleness of skin, which is quite impossible with normal facials.

The ingredients mentioned above, have a strong tendency to get absorbed in the deepest layers of the skin by being penetrated through several types of equipment. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to call them scientific treatments because though they provide the glow, these are not mere facials because they seem to treat the severest issues of the skin too.

Conclusively, it can be said that all of the above mentioned ingredients are indeed a great source of fast results and also a great tool to reap benefits by fulfilling the demands of clients nowadays, as in today’s world, nobody wants to wait for a facial or body massage to show up results after a whole week! Therefore, these ingredients come to the rescue of the beauty business.

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