The Ultimate Guide to Basic Make-Up Tips and Tricks

Make-Up Tricks You’ll Love!

You are preparing for a date with your beloved or catching up with an old crush or simply wanting to put your best foot forward for a girls’ night out. Time is a crucial factor and you have to be glamorously ready with a few minutes to spare. it’s the situation that every woman finds herself in. Stressed and juggling multiple roles and responsibilities leave little time for personal grooming. So, to help get you ready, we’ve got together a few make-up tricks that will bowl you over!

Go Smoky With Your Eyes
The catty eye look is back. An evening outing calls for the smoky eyed look combined with a hint of gloss that complements this glamorous profile. The colour for highlighting the eyes should vary charcoal like grey or deep brown as per one’s choice of clothing. ‘the look conveys boldness in attitude and a must do for someone wishing to be the center of attention. Tying up hair loosely in a bun augurs in favour of the well done eye.

Choose Pinks Corals And Reds
A sophisticated veneer wrapped in subtlety is possible with black eyeliner and a bright lipstick. Take your pick from a wide range of pinks, coral orange and reds. Hair tied up in a chic ponytail completes the look and viola, you are dinner or evening party ready.

The Perfect Daytime Look
Day calls for a softer, mellow look that appears pleasing to the eye in the morning sunshine. One must use eye shadows of lighter colours and blush in colours of coral like pink and peach. Pick the shade of blush that suits your skin tone. Apply a lot of mascara to emphasize the eyes and hint of light pink gloss for the lips. The soft look can be rounded up and completed with leaving your hair loose in curls or waves or tying them in a fish braid.

Try The Glam Quotient
Bronze eye shadow completes the sun kissed bronzed look. A little smudged eye eyeliner with tons of mascara will do the drama for a sizzling profile. Complement it with a pink, brown lip gloss for the perfect look. Turn on the glamour by leaving your hair loose.

Tips For Smoky Eyes

  • Use a thin coat of eye primer as it helps the make-up last longer.
  • Choose the eye shadow with care and apply it evenly around the eye.
  • Use the next dark shade and begin from the eye lid to evenly blend it with the help of your finger.
  • Use a dark eye liner on top of the lids and for the smoky look, blend it into the bottom lids.
  • Use a voluminising mascara to nail the look. Curl your lashes for additional tun and glam.

Discover Your Lip Colour

Bare Pink
A translucent gloss with a tint of berry to, a subtle look.

Baby Pink
Matte rose shades gloss gives a bolder look than the sheer gloss.

Electric Pink
Fuchsia and bubblegum colours are likely to brighten any moment whether day or night.

Vivid Red
Two coats of this shade will have advertisers roping you in for their next toothpaste commercial.

Intense Red
The ultimate colour for thé temptress smile. Use a finger for application to get a lasting finish.

Beauty tips for the Monsoons

7 Perfect Tips For Applying Mascara

Take Your Pick
Choose according to the occasion. Mascara for lengthening look during the day and a curling or thickening one for night time.

Choose The Colour Wisely
Blond or red eyelashes will look better with a light shade of brown for the casual day look and black or dark brown for a dramatic night look.

Twirl The Eyelashes
Curling your pretty lashes add to the drama and the silent conversations that eyes do. Use the padded eyelash curlers for best effect.

Careful With The Wand
Do not pump air into the bottle as it causes the mascara to dry and allows bacteria inside the tube. Hence, pull the wand out in one fluid motion. Keep both clean for a smooth and quick application.

Tweak The Upper Lashes First
Begin with the under part of the upper lashes. Gradually take the wand in an upward direction in a zigzag motion, heading to the end. Add more definition or curl by using it at an angle. Go for a second application for more drama.

Don’t Neglect The Lower Lashes
Reduce the quantity of mascara and begin at the lower eyelid. Gradually pull it down to give colour to the lower lashes.

Clean The Excess
The excess mascara near the eye can be cleaned using a cotton bud.

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