Here’s Why Pilates Is Good For You

Here’s Why Pilates Is Good For You

“Pilates is a very useful means of treating diabetes, furthering weight loss programs and also regulating blood pressure”

An individual’s mental and physical well-being is always interrelated and Pilates is a form of exercise that strengthens the mind and body. There are four important principles of Pilates alignment, breathing, centring and concentration.

Pilates Targets Core Muscles

The group of muscles in the centre of the body are known as the powerhouse. These muscles include the abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks. Pilates mainly targets these core muscles that is transverse abdominins, internal and external obliques, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and the back musculature that is the multifidus and serratus anterior.

Energy is generated from these deep core muscles which acts as stabilisers and is transferred to the extremities during the exercise. It Is also believed that a strong core can prevent most of the musculoskeletal problems related to the spine. Pilates Is a low impact training done in patterns using muscles in synergy. These patterns help gain control over movements and aid in overcoming physical challenges in daily activities.

Pilates For Reducing Weight

Pilates along with aerobic and strength training proves to be a very effective means of reducing weight. Exercises make muscles metabolically active and metabolically active muscles tend to burn more calories, replacing adipose tissue with muscle mass, which demands more glucose consumption. Hence, Pilates is a very useful means of treating diabetes. furthering weight loss programs and also regulating blood pressure.

Pilates exercises results in a stronger core. And a stronger core increases your ability to perform more aerobic activity which changes body composition. adding muscle mass and resulting in increased basal metabolic rate. Increased basal metabolic rate in turn, burns more calories, even during rest, which further helps to reduce your weight.

A Focus On Core Muscle Strength

Pilates mainly targets deep core muscles and those suffering with low back pain should try Pilates, as it is a very good form of exercise with the main focus being core muscle strength. In Pilates, you focus on how you are performing the movement, thus developing control over the movement.

Improved Flexibility And Joint Injury Prevention

Pilates helps to improve flexibility and prevent joint injuries. It also helps to improve joint mobility, thus enabling you to perform a complete range of activities. Exercises are performed in different positions and prevent postural abnormalities. Balance and coordination also visibly improve.

Stress Relief And Relaxation

Every Pilates exercise is completed with inhalation and exhalation. The focus on your breathing improves endurance and your concentration on breathing provides relief from stress and promotes relaxation.

Weight Loss With Pilates

We all know that ideal weight and being physically fit, is what makes a person healthier and happier too. Furthermore, according to the creator of the Pilates method, Joseph Pilates, “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

However, it isn’t the numbers that show up on the scale that can vex one, but the inability to sit straight or to participate in a favourite sport, game etc. with ease, which can really motivate one to get going!

Pilates has innumerable benefits and is practised by people all over the world to meet their varied goals of fitness and overall well-being.

How does Pilates work on the body?

Pilates is the most beautiful, non-invasive form of exercise that gives you benefits, way beyond your imagination. Not only does it make you feel and look good, it also contributes to strengthening your core, increases coordination, improves balance and reduces stress. It also works on your posture and flexibility. The Pilates moves are appropriate, low impact and safe for all aged between 10-100 years. This fitness system is focused on learning better movement and benefits are experienced by everyone.

What are the Pilates exercises that help one slim down?

Pilates is great to strengthen the whole body and doing a whole body workout helps you slim down overall. Some of my favourite exercises are the hundred. roll up. spine stretch forward, rolling like a ball, crisscross, single leg stretch, single straight leg stretch, double leg stretch and double straight leg stretch. You can find these exercises in my book ‘Sculpt and Shape the Pilaf es Way.’ However to lose weight, you need to also follow a good food plan as well as do cardio to see overall results.

Which Pilates’ equipment is most effective to lose weight?

Pilates done in any form is the most effective way to lose weight, strengthen your body, improve your balance and get fit. You can choose whichever equipment you like and it will work for you.

Along with Pilates, what are the other factors one needs to pay attention to, for weight reduction?

By doing only Pilates for an hour for few days in a week, you cannot lose weight. You need to lit in other activities like cardiovascular exercises as well. Further, you need to also check what you eat daily.

How significant is the role of diet combined with Pilates for weight loss?

A combination of workout and a proper food plan is the key to having a healthy life in any part of the world. Make smart food choices. Everyone knows the foods that are good and those that will cause harm. So, eat foods that will energize you.

Are there any precautions one should follow?

Pilates is extremely safe, but if you have any injuries or health issues, you should consult with your doctor before starting a new exercise regime.

When can one actually start seeing the results of Pilates?

I never commit any numbers for body transformation to any of my clients because, everyone has a unique body and it is most likely that It will react in different ways to the workout. However, after attending ten sessions of Pilates, one can feel changes in the body.

For maximum benefits, is there a specific time (morning or evening) or a particular duration to do Pilates?

There is no such specific time to practice Pilates. It all really depends on your personal fitness goal.

How can Pilates be practiced at home? Is it wise to follow YouTube videos to start with Pilates?

It is always better to get a trained professional. However, everybody does not have access to Pilates machines, so you can do a mat workout at home. Also, choose exercises that will improve your posture and benefit you. Refere to ‘Sculpt and Shape the Pilates Way’ for guidance.

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