Importance Of Overcoming Depression During Pregnancy

Importance Of Overcoming Depression During Pregnancy

With pregnancy comes excitement, joy and of course, the miracle of feeling a new life growing inside your body, but pregnancy is often clouded by depression too. Though depression during pregnancy is treatable, untreated depression can lead to severe complications, which could be detrimental for both the mother and the baby.

Depression is one of the most common complications associated with childbirth. Unfortunately, it’s not recognized often enough, as the symptoms are quite similar to normal pregnancy issues like sleeping problems, tiredness and stronger emotional reactions, amongst others. Experiencing depression is difficult at any time, but it can be especially hard to cope with it when you’re pregnant.

So here’s why you must try to overcome it and treat depression when you ‘re expecting.

Premature Labour:
Untreated depression during pregnancy can lead to premature labour and interfere with feeling of bonding with the unborn child. It can get in the way of being able to take care of yourself properly during pregnancy. You may become less compliant to follow medical recommendations and may not even eat and sleep properly

Low Infant Birth Weight:
Depression during pregnancy may increase the risk for low infant birth weight. In addition, your baby may cry more and become more irritable if you’re going through depression

Apart from these, being depressed during pregnancy may place you at a greater risk of having an episode of postpartum depression (depression after delivery).

Preparing for a new life involves a lot of hard work, but your health must come first for the sake of both you and the child. So, be too particular about getting everything done right. Cut down on your chores, focus on the things that help you relax and spend some quality me-time doing what you love. Also, seek professional support to come out of the depression as your well-being is immensely crucial for the well-being of your unborn child.

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