Exploring The Link Between Sex And Exercise

Exploring The Link Between Sex And Exercise

“With regular physical activity, weight issues and stress levels lower, while a positive body image and confidence goes up”

Game For Sweat And Effort

When it comes to the topic of fitness and foreplay, I speak from experience, because as a former NFL cheerleader for the Los Angeles Raiders, I know what It feels like to dance in a scanty outfit in front of thousands of screaming sports fanatics, exciting them more, before their team scores a goal. We spent hours rehearsing, but as cheerleaders, we were always game for all that sweat and effort, because we knew it would be most appreciated by all the males in the audience.

The Role Of Exercise

While the benefits of being physically active on the football field were evident, it was the role that exercise and feeling fit played in our lives oft the field that made the difference. During the eight months of our season, most of us had high levels of self-esteem and felt sexier and desirable in our private relationships, because of the regular exercise we got in. But oddly, when the season ended and our activity levels dropped, so did our confidence. Nevertheless, our weight and stress levels went up!

Hence, it is obvious that with regular physical activity, weight issues and stress levels lower, while a positive body image and confidence goes up. Also, recent studies have made important body/brain connections concerning sex and exercise, It declares that exercise does affect sexual self-esteem and body image. So, not only do you feel less inhibited in the gym, but this attitude translates to your bedroom as well.

Additional Bedroom Benefits Of Regular Exercise

  • Arousal is accelerated in women who exercise frequently and orgasm is reached faster and more intensely as per a study done in the US by researchers. Regular cardio training helps to facilitate this and the additional benefits are improved stamina for longer bouts of sex.
  • Strength training increases your body’s ability to produce higher levels of growth hormone and testosterone than when your body is at rest. These hormones play an important role in your sex drive. All you need is three days a week of this activity, to see higher levels of these hormones.
  • Emotional benefits of regular exercisers range from feeling less inhibited to less mood swings. Also, adrenalin boosting activities and a rush of endorphins are a potent antidepressant which regular workouts provide.

The Importance Of Preventive Health Check-ups

“Preventive healthcare check-ups or body check-ups is a comprehensive examination, performed by any healthcare specialist”

Monitoring Your Health

In your effort to keep up with the competitive world, you often tend to ignore your health, until you are afflicted with a serious condition. Hence, a preventive healthcare check-up or a body check-up is important to ascertain any health complications you may have to endure.

Monitoring your health on a regular basis is an important matter to consider with the current lifestyles and sedentary habits and especially because you are surrounded by several health hazards like pollution, stress, junk food, etc.

After all, detection of a disease in its early stage helps to nip it in the bud. Generally, a complete body check-up is recommended for those who are above 40 years of age. So visit you doctor to know it a health check-up is needed.

The Preventive Health Check-up

  • A complete body check-up comprises of checking your heart health. Your heart rate will be measured on an ECG and the functioning and structure of the heart is screened using a 2D Echo.
  • Sugar levels in the blood are determined to check for any risk of diabetes.
  • Liver function test (LFT) is performed to know the state of your liver. It comprises several tests like globulin, albumin, SGPT etc.
  • To determine the health of your lungs, a group of tests are performed that measure their effectiveness as well as the efficiency of your respiratory system.
  • Examination of your ear, nose and throat (ENT) is a vital assessment made during the preventive health check-up.

Close Screening

Factors that cause the risk of cancer, cholesterol levels and other tests that help you stay lit and fine are also duly performed during a body check-up. Additionally, during the body check up, each and every organ of your body is closely screened, making it impossible for any ailments to remain undercover. So, in case any disorder is found, treatment can be started without further delay.

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