Why You Should Include Cardio Exercises In Your Regular Workout

Why You Should Include Cardio Exercises In Your Regular Workout

“Cardio helps in weight loss by shedding fat, which is one of the main culprits of diabetes, heart attacks and many other life-threatening conditions”

The Benefits Of Cardio

The foundation of all happiness is health and the foundation of fitness and good health is a healthy cardiovascular system. However, many find cardio exercises boring, but that’s often because they are not aware of the benefits.

Such exercises not only help in lowering high blood pressure but also Increase good cholesterol levels, help mobilize oxygen within the body and increase RBC count, thereby keeping the heart and lungs in better shape.

Hence, it would be wise to include some kind of cardio in your regular workout, before progressing to achieve other fitness goals. Cardio exercise also improves longevity and strengthens the foundation of a healthy body. Here are a few more health benefits of doing cardio exercises.

Conditions Your Heart And Lungs

Being an aerobic form of exercise. cardio exercises make the heart and lungs function differently than with anaerobic exercises, unless they are done in a circuit style, which is also a different form of cardio. These exercises are different because they keep the heart rate up at a desired scale. This way. the heart and lungs get conditioned, optimally.

Aids Weight Loss

Cardio helps in weight loss, by shedding fat, which is one of the main culprits of diabetes, heart attacks and many other life-threatening conditions.

Promotes Hormone Health

Cardio improves hormonal profile contributing to better muscle gain when combined with good resistance training. It also improves sex lite, eases symptoms of depression and improve one’s outlook towards life.

Improves Your Mood

Cardio exercises release endorphins without having to put much strain on the muscles. It also improves your mood in just 10 to 15 minutes. This means that on days when you don’t feel like working out too much, do mild cardio exercises for just 10 minutes, as it will raise body temperature, improve your mood and also improve your energy levels.

Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Many do cardio exercises just for this one reason. Hopping on a treadmill after an intense weight training session and performing cardio at a moderate level, helps remove non-useful by products which hinder muscle recovery. By providing the muscle tissue with oxygen rich blood, the repair and rebuilding process speeds up.

Alleviates Symptoms Of Fatigue

It helps with muscle recovery and alleviates symptoms of fatigue and delayed onset muscle soreness experienced mainly after rigorous and intense workouts.

Improves Metabolism

There are various forms of cardio that involve high intensity interval training like tabata and others, that like weight training helps improve one’s metabolism. So, to think cardio doesn’t do much for the metabolism is wrong.

Basic cardio is a good starting point for new exercisers but it you are at an advanced or even intermediate level of fitness, you can boost your metabolism by doing varied forms of shorter duration and higher intensity cardio workouts. With these, you will not only burn calories while working out, but will continue to lose them hours after also, as elevated metabolism makes fat loss more efficient.

Helps You Perform Better In Sports

It you want speed, agility and fitness to make you look a certain way but also give you functional ability to perform better in sports, and other outdoor activities, then incorporating different types of cardio centric aerobic workouts in your workout regimen is a must. Remember, all sports persons did not get where they are, without doing cardio.

Enhances Physical Appearance

There are many who only care about this aspect – so if you really don’t want to do cardio for its health benefits, do it for your enhanced appearance. You may tend to ignore the fact that cardio exercises helps you to shed layers of fat that covers strong muscles which can look rippled and well-defined.

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