Why You Should Include Red Bell Peppers In Your Diet

Why You Should Include Red Bell Peppers In Your Diet

“The presence of capsaicin in red bell peppers help to control metabolism related symptoms”

Red bell peppers are one of the most delicious culinary ingredients and apart from making the dish attractive, it is a powerhouse of nutrients. Loaded with different types of antioxidants and trace elements, red bell peppers can surely improve ones overall health. Here are some health benefits of this bright red vegetable.

Improves Eye Health

Red bell pepper is the ripened form of green capsicum. So, as the bell pepper turns from green to red, it acquires one of the important antioxidants called carotenold. Also, the presence of lutein (type of carotenoid) helps to improve eyesight by reducing the macular degeneration of cells.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

High amounts of vitamin E and vitamin C are present in red bell peppers. These nutrients have antioxidant properties which help to maintain tissue health by neutralizing the free radicals In the body; the presence of anti-inflammatory nutrients also protects against inflammation.

Protection Against Metabolic Diseases

Regular small amounts of red bell peppers in your diet can help to reduce cholesterol levels and also control blood glucose levels. Additionally, recent studies show that the presence of capsaicin in red bell peppers help to control metabolism related symptoms.

Helps In Reduction Of Body Weight

One cup of red bell peppers as a salad in your regular diet will help in weight loss, by activating the thermogenesis process which increases one’s metabolic rate. The presence of fibre in bell peppers is another factor that helps in the reduction of excess body weight.

Improves Anaemia

The presence of folic acid and vitamin B6 increases haemoglobin levels. These two components are important for the synthesis of red blood cells. Red bell peppers are also loaded with vitamin C, which improves iron absorption. So, those with an iron deficiency should include some amount of red bell peppers in their dietary regime.

Balances The Body

Bell peppers are rich in potassium and this helps to keep all the fluid and minerals in a balanced proportion in the body. It also regulates muscle function and blood pressure.

Strengthens Hair

Iron absorption is improved by the presence of vitamin C. The iron in RBC also helps to carry oxygen to the follicles of hair, which then strengthens the hair.

Fights Oxidative Stress

The abundant phytonutrients and antioxidants in red bell peppers increases collagen synthesis, which keeps the skin firm and provides protection against cell damage.

Delays Ageing

One glass of red bell pepper juice on a regular basis, helps to reduce body toxins and these detoxifying properties prevent early ageing of the skin.

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