Follow These Diets Tips To Always Be Happy!

Follow These Diets Tips To Always Be Happy!

Food plays an important role in how you feel. It also affects your mood, because the body responds differently to the different types of foods you consume. You may have sometimes felt a sudden dip in your energy levels – this too, may be because you are not eating right! Hence, you must consume the foods that lift your spirits, because when you eat the right foods, it gives your mood a boost of positivity! Just follow these diet tips and suggestions for a much happier you!

Say No To Refined And Processed Foods

The consumption of these foods contributes to the fluctuation in blood sugar levels. This leaves you feeling low on energy and provokes mood swings. Thus, it is wise to consume whole grains and legumes that help make you feel better. So, dump junk foods.

Consume Foods Rich In Vitamin B6

This vitamin is also known as pyridoxine and helps in improving your mood. It is found in spinach, oats, avocado, walnuts and salmon.

Add The Feel-Good Vitamin B12 To Your Diet

Another important feel-good vitamin is the healthy B12. It helps to combat depression and gives your mood a lift. Its sources are salmon, yogurt and eggs.

Go For High Quality Protein

Consume eggs, lean chicken, fish, skim milk and skim milk foods products, as these are rich in proteins, which are the building blocks for a mood boosting diet.

Include High Fibre Food Nuts And Essential Fats

Including high fibre foods in your diet reduces sweet cravings and mood swings. Also, eating good nuts with essential fatty acids like walnuts and almonds, is beneficial and a healthy alternate to beating sweet cravings.

Serotonin The Mood Regulator

Serotonin promotes positive and happy thoughts. Its sources are walnuts, bananas, pineapple, kiwi, plums and tomatoes.

Foods Rich In Tryptophan

These foods are beneficial as it can be converted to serotonin. Its sources are milk, curd, paneer, fish and chicken. It is also found in oilseeds like pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, soybean, oats and whole eggs.

Know The Role Of Dopamine

It plays a major role in the control of emotions and moods, such as feelings of pleasure, motivation, drive and the joy of being rewarded etc. Exercise supports improvements in dopamine levels. Hence, lifting weights along with aerobic workouts never lets you down.

Health Tip

Adopt all these good food habits combined with adequate sleep, water intake and stress management, to always be in a good mood. These habits are also imperative to keep yourself happy.

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