Loving And Respecting Yourself

Loving And Respecting Yourself

Beauty is not defined by external factors and, if it may be, it is only subjected to film and TV characters. Beauty is that radiant beam that stems from within and your performance in delivering good deeds is the most essential criteria towards being beautiful. Hence, let us all master beauty from inside to shine from outside. After all, beauty is indeed skin deep.

I remember meeting individuals in the past for diet consultations, lifestyle metamorphosis or wanting to achieve an elusive figure on the weighing scale. And I have seen a similarity between them all. Each and every person I have met portrayed a once unusual, but now very common dislike or even hatred for themselves.

Negative adjectives and sorrowful statements used to make me feel sorry for their current condition and compel me to gift them magic potions and cast spells that would assure them ultimate beauty. Though the latter seems impossible since I am no magician or witch, I did actually feel sorry, not for the way they looked because they were all stunning in their own ways, but for the disrespect they had for their bodies.

They kept commenting viciously about the bulging tummy and the fat tire, flabby thighs and arms, need for serious breast enlargement to man boobs, to sunken eyes and ugly acne, But it is often the negative perceptions we have towards our self that can easily do a lot of damage. What I am aiming to put forth, ¡s the simple fact that one can harm themselves more psychologically, than physically, physiologically or biologically.

It doesn’t mean that physical and physiological care is not significant, in fact it is of prime importance but it is essential for us to introspect and figure out the ‘why’s’ in our lives. Like for example, why am I so dull today?’ ‘Why do I feel tired today?’ ‘Why do I want to sleep all the time?’ ‘Why do I get irritated so often?’ ‘Why don’t I prefer to talk most of the time?’ And most importantly, ‘Why do I keep cursing my external appearance when internally I am a good human being!?’ As we try to answer all these nagging questions we have for ourselves, we figure out a common answer to all and that is, we have no time for our self.

As twenty four hours in a day continue to fall short and the things to do continue to increase every day, we start to question our capabilities and further concentrate harder on success at the cost of our own health. We reach a stage where we can afford the most expensive dress but tail to fit in to the appropriate size. Therefore, we have earned, but what for?

It is at this crucial time we need to take a deep breath, cut short on overloading expectations and remove an hour every day for our self to go for a jog one day, for a dance session the other or perform asanas, cycle on a Saturday or get a simple massage on a Sunday. But only this isn’t enough. Following a balanced diet with eating within 15 minutes on rising to balance our sugars, to having a complete home-made breakfast, to a mid-morning snack and a balanced lunch, descending towards an evening snack and early dinner with two hours gap before you slip in to a deep. relaxing adequate sleep, are imperative pre-requisites to a healthy you.

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These measures will deliver an optimistic mind and heart. You will begin to notice the internal results like positivity, calmness, enhanced thinking power, ability to think wisely, rationality, a developed sense of philanthropy and soothed from within. It is a gradual process, takes its own time and differs from individual to individual. Hence you might want to recheck, why the eight kilos weight loss in two months didn’t work for you when it did for your best friend.

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Therefore, let us literally start transforming our lifestyle physically and physiologically for a metamorphosis psychologically to love the way we are and put a halt on the traumatizing statements we make about our self.

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