Tips for Staying Fit While Holidaying

Tips for Staying Fit While Holidaying

Is it difficult to be fit and active always? Or does it really depend on where you are? Not really. If fitness is a priority and you don’t want to let go of your fitness goals it’s not at all difficult to plan a happy as well as healthy’ vacation by making some smart choices and adapting some of the following tips, will tell you how to remain in shape and energetic even while you take a break from your routine.

Book for Fitness

Opt for book only those hotels which provide the facility of fitness centers or gyms so that you can spend some time of your morning hours in a healthy workout which will keep you going throughout the day and will make you feel energetic and refreshed too.

Pack Your Walking Shoes – Enjoy the different and beautiful atmosphere by going for long distance walks or sightseeing.

Explore And Try Out Various Activities – Be adventurous by exploring different activities like trekking, rock climbing, rafting or tennis. This will make your holiday enjoyable, different and healthy.

Go Swimming – Spend some quality time with your friends or family in the pool playing water sports or better still, enjoy some water rides in if you are in a coastal area.

Play Outdoor Games – Appreciate the ambience of the hotel surroundings by playing all those traditional games we played in our childhood or just go cycling. You can even engage yourself in sport activities like basketball, volleyball, cricket, badminton, golf etc. rather than playing cards or watching television all the time in the four corners of your room or dining for long hours. When it comes to food, it becomes little difficult to resist especially while on vacation. However, you can always stay fit and at the same time enjoy all the different delicacies and cuisines by choosing your food options wisely.

Watch Portion Sizes Especially In Buffets – Don’t overeat by choosing anything and everything from enormous delicious choices. Instead, take a smaller plate which encourages smaller portions and first till ¡t up with all the healthier options ¡n the buffet so that you can enjoy your favorite dessert later on.

Avoid Skipping Meals – Have small frequent meals in-between at least after every three hours to keep your metabolism high. Having a large meal at the end of the day makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Have A Healthy And Hearty Breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, have a very healthy breakfast by choosing wise options like toast with any form of proteins like beans or eggs. Other good options can be ¡dli, sambhar or cereal and milk. Tea or coffee can be taken as they are stimulators that keeps you going throughout the day but avoid opting for purl bhaji, hash browns, potatoes, pancakes, waffles, muffins, pastries, and croissants.

Balance Your Meals (Timings/Quantity) – Always have a balanced meal at appropriate times ¡n right proportions and include all the vital nutrients.

Healthy High Tea – Try avoiding high-calorie foodstuff like chips, donuts, cookies, etc. and instead opt for baked puns or baked potato chips or dal khakras or roasted chana, fruits, nuts, etc. Also, opt for diet coke or fresh lime soda) ¡ceci tea to refresh you instead of going for cold drinks, juices, milkshakes or coffee with cream or ice creams.

Opt For This Nourishing Drink – Low tat milk or curd is anytime better than full fat milk or curd. So, always opt for low fat milk rather than having full fat milk which unnecessarily adds up and increases your calories and fat content.

Limit Main Course Helpings During Dinners – As dinner always has elaborate preparations, fill yourself up with a bowl of salad or soup before the main course. You need to watch out for carbohydrate portions and if possible try to avoid or limit having carbohydrates in this meal and instead have enough proteins and fibre that will make you feel full.

Go For Low Calorie Desserts Try avoiding them as much as you can by enjoying the ambience or by choosing a low calorie option like sorbet, fruit platter or fruit pudding rather than opting for high calorie pastries, cakes or ice creams.

Don’t Skip Your Proteins – It’s really important to keep ¡n mind that no matter where you are and what you eat, do make sure you don’t forget your proteins in any of your meals (ie. milk, curd, dal, sprouts, chicken and fish).

Hydrate Yourself – Drink plenty of water and carry bottled water with you or you can ask for sparkling water with pieces of lime or lemon.

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