Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber

Nutrition From Cucumber

Cucumber is a common kitchen ingredient, popular at home and at all eateries as well. Due to this veggie’s cooling effect, it is a hot favourite to combat heat. And though it may not be widely known, besides being low in calories, cucumber also has plenty of nutritional and other benefits.

Benefits Of Cucumber

Weight Management
Cucumber is very low in calories and high in fibre, and keeps you full for longer. Including more of this veggie in your diet may help to manage weight.

Cancer Risk Management
Polyphenols called lignans present in cucumber, helps to reduce the risk of breast, uterine, prostate and ovarian cancer.

Brain Health
Cucumber contains fisetin, an anti inflammatory flavonoid which is important for brain health.

Diabetes Control
The high fibre in cucumbers is beneficial for diabetes management.

Promotes Hydration
This veggie consists of 95 per cent water, making it a good hydrating and cooling food.

Lessens Inflammation
Cucumber extract helps lessen unwanted inflammation with the help of pro-inflammatory enzymes.

Reduces Cholesterol
Sterols, a compound found in cucumber, helps to reduce cholesterol.

Manages Blood Pressure
Magnesium, potassium and libre content in cucumber helps regulate blood pressure.

AIds Joint Health
Silica in cucumber promotes joint health by strengthening the connective tissues.

Combats Bad Breath
The phytochemicals present in cucumbers helps to kill the bad breath forming bacteria in the mouth.

Manages A Hangover
Cucumber contains enough carbohydrates, vitamin B and electrolytes to replenish lost nutrients and reduce the intensity of hangover and headache.

Effective Management Of Skin And Hair
The high silicon and sulphur content in cucumber juice promotes hair growth. Also, the ascorbic acid and caffeic acid present in cucumbers can bring down the water retention rate and are thus effective for under eyes puffiness. The silica content in cucumber also helps prevent chipping of nails. Cucumbers also hydrate the skin due to its high water content and also acts as a natural toner.

Tips To Include Cucumber In Your Daily Diet
Time Items
Morning Cucumber and lemon juice
Breakfast Sandwich with cucumber, onion, chicken
Mid -Morning Cucumber and mint cold soup/grilled cucumber
Lunch Multigrain chapatti roll with cucumber, lettuce, tomato and soya nuggets
Evening Snacks Sprouted salad with cucumber, dhania leaves, carrot and lemon juice
Dinner Brown pasta with cucumber, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers
Dessert Cucumber pudding/cucumber kheer

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