What It Means To Be Truly In Love

What It Means To Be Truly In Love

It’s important to work on developing your relationship, because true love Wsomethingyou need to aspire for and not have automatically

We have often heard of people finding their true love, but do they actually? Are there any signs that indicate you have found your perfect match? The physical responses of love are a compilation of neurological conditions that make us feel bonded to someone or something. When we have this feeling, our brain releases chemicals like oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, vasopressin, etc. all of which compel us to think loving thoughts and feel physical sensations often associated with love.

If we leave out the biological aspect, it can be said that true love is a state you’re in, when you feel attached, connected and happy with something or someone. Therefore, true love may be identified by some characteristics and some of these key characteristics are as follows:

Love Means Letting Go:
Love isn’t synonymous with possession. True love means allowing people their freedom. It doesn’t mean holding someone firmly and crushing their wings to keep them forever. True love doesn’t try to possess. It’s willing to give you freedom, if you want to have it.

Love Means Bidding Adieu To Expectations:
Everyone wants people to behave the way s/he wants them to. But those things are expectations. Expectations are nothing but your needs for ‘acceptability’ of loving someone. But true love comes with no expectations and simply loves ‘as is.’

Love Accepts Differences
We are all different. Every two person has different outlooks and experiences about the world. True love doesn’t make the other one wrong for being different. Instead, it means accepting the differences.

Love Doesn’t Hide Things
True love doesn’t make people hide stuff from each other. Instead, they openly share their lives, because they want to. True love also means not to hide anything – the good, the bad and everything in-between from the other.

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